Wood Pellet Patio Heater is an eco-friendly option available in different designs and styles and is comparatively inexpensive than other fuel source heaters.

The patio area is incomplete, with backyard creation, furniture, and a grill. However, if you add a wood pellet patio heater, it will complement the coziness of your backyard. They are perfect for maintaining the ideal temperature while adding a stylish look to your paradise.

Wood Pellet-Patio-Heater
Wood Pellet-Patio-Heater

The wood pellet patio heater is not only great for a source of warmth, but they also serve as the light source at night in your backyard. However, whilst deciding on the patio heater could be overwhelming as there are available different energy sources, including natural gas, wood, and propane. No wonder natural gas and traditional propane units are efficient low-carbon alternative fuel heaters for producing more heat. Still, I am looking to focus on the wood pellet patio heater in this article. So, let’s get started.

Why are Wood Pellet Patio Heaters Significant?

Wood-based pellets are a great option for patio heaters as they emit more heat than traditional propane heaters. The propane heater puts the heat out from the top only, while the wood pellet heaters radiate the heat from the bottom to the top of the stove pipe and fire pit.

Most significantly, the heaters are eco-friendly with a minimal or low operating cost. The pellets run for 3 to 4 hours and will you only cost $5 per bag.

From a variety of wood pellet heaters, I have narrowed them down to the following products, which include

1.   Q-Flame Wood pellet stove heater

Q-Flame Wood Pellet Stove Heater

Product Specification

·       Weight: 66 lbs.

·       Power Source: Gas Powered and Corded Electric

·       Heating Output: 106000 BTU

·       Heating Method: Radiant Heating

·       Fuel: Wood Pellet

·       Heating Radius: 10 ft.

Q-Flame wood heater is an eco-friendly option for your patio that keeps you warm without damaging the environment. It is designed with a dual hopper that can easily hold a wood pellet weighing around 20 lbs. This amount of wood pellets can burn for 3 to 4 hours straight.

The quality of this wood heater is that although it uses hardwood pellets to heat, there will not be any fumes, which is ideal for people who have sensitivity to it, yet it produces the best results for radiant heat. This mushroom head has impressive heat, but the radius could be a limit for this product as it offers coverage to a heating radius of 10 ft. only.

Another great part of this heater is that it is portable; if you are about to have a camping trip, you can take it along with ease. The adjustable feet can blend well with all types of surfaces.


·       It is an eco-friendly patio heater

·       This patio heater produces radiant heat

·       Affordable, the wood pellets run (a bag of 20 lbs.) heat for three to four hours

·       Perfect for outdoor gatherings and any surface for day and night


·       The heating radius is limited to only 10 ft.

2.    Timber Stainless Steel Body Outdoor Patio Heaters

Timber Stainless Steel Body

Product Specification

·       Weight: 70 lbs.

·       Power Source: Gas Powered and Corded Electric

·       Heating Output: 90,000 BTU

·       Heating Method: Radiant Heating

·       Fuel: Wood Pellet hopper

·       Heating Radius: 12 ft.

My second recommendation for a patio heater is by the brand Timber stainless steel heater that regulates warmth uniformly from bottom to top by burning. The heat output is 90,000 BTU which is less than our previously listed product, but it does not compromise the warmth and heating radius of 10 to 12 inches.

This purchase for a heater is one of those timber stoves which is designed in chimney stove pipe style and works by burning pellets but still has the perfect warming solution, that does not produce smoke or any odor. It offers easy cleaning. You will not get more than a cup of ash residue.

Its hopper is also built with stainless steel that can hold 30 lbs., which runs for 4 hours. Still, it has a low operating cost option for your patio. This mushroom head also allows you to control the heat with a damper control knob to produce radiant heat.

Although the wood pellets patio heater is encased in stainless steel, I would not recommend it for a wooden deck due to the heater’s flame.


·       Impressive BTU and heat coverage

·       Easy to clean

·       Solid stainless steel build

·       Blends the ambiance


·       Not safe for wooden deck

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3.   Wood Pellet Lil timber

Wood Pellet Lil Timber

Product Specification

·       Weight: 120 lbs.

·       Power Source: Gas Powered and Corded Electric

·       Heating Output: 90,000 BTU

·       Heating Method: Radiant Heating

·       Fuel: Wood Pellet hopper

·       Heating Radius: 12 ft.

The specifications of this heater are similar to the other model, with the  Lil Timber, but the Lil timber one is 10 lbs. heavier. The mushroom head design unique to the LIL timber involves three sides of a fire display, allowing you to see the beautiful fire heater’s flame, which spreads the warmth uniformly from the bottom to the top stove pipe tower.

This unit uses radiant heating for its heating method with 90,000 BTU, which is still more economical than a low-carbon alternative fuel in a patio gas heater. It comes with almost 30 lbs. twice the amount of hopper capacity. It can first burn for 3 to 4 hours without refueling.

The heating radius heats up to 12 ft., which is an area of 450 sq. ft. This will also offer warmth without producing a smokey smell. The build involves stainless steel material which is weather-resistant.

Further, you can put it where it makes sense, like a porch, garden, commercial venue, etc., as it belongs to the Tyson Traeger (manufacturers of grills) family that puts safety first.


·       The heating radius is 12 ft.

·       Safe for wood surface

·       Eco-friendly wood pellet deck heater

·       Water-resistant stainless-steel build quality


·       It blows away without the safety cage  fixed in place

-  May need to bring indoors in weather

4.    Flame Genie FG-19 Wood Pellet Heaters

Flame Genie FG-19 Wood Pellet Heater

Product Specification

·       Weight: 27.05 lbs.

·       Power Source: Gas Powered and Corded Electric

·       Heating Output: N/A

·       Heating Method: more like a fire pits then bonfire

·       Uses: Wood Pellet hopper

·       Heating diameter: 19 inches

This wood heater is more like an alternative to the bonfire that feeds wood pellets or sawdust only. You can enjoy your fun time by staying cozy and enjoying the bonfire at the same time.

When it first burns, you may experience light vapors; however, it is advertised as having no smoke, which is not entirely true as, in some cases, it produces a lot of smoke.

It is available in stainless steel finish which is rust resistant or black, in galvanized steel with black coat paint. This heater is portable and can be taken anywhere due to its lightweight. The design further has air holes to keep providing the required oxygen to keep it lit.

Overall, this heater is safe, but the flames could be high, so it is better to maintain distance. But you don’t have to worry as there are no sparks.


·       Lightweight patio heater

·       Available in 2 variants

·       Can work the fire box as a heater and bonfire

·       Economical, it is a budget-friendly wood pellet heater ($5 for a pack of 40 lbs. wood pellets)


·       It does not burn consistently. It gets extinguished with even a draft of air

·       Produces smoking in some cases

5.    Blue Sky Outdoor Wood Pellet Heaters

Blue Sky Outdoor Wood Pellet Heater

Product Specification

·       Weight: 18.26 lbs.

·       Power Source: Gas Powered and Corded Electric

·       Heating Output: N/A

·       Heating Method: more like a bonfire

·       Fuel: Wood Pellet hopper

·       Heating diameter: 16 inches

Unlike the previous product I listed, this wood pellet heater is made of alloy steel. This one is a real economical pellet heater which is affordable itself as well as uses a cheap burning source, the wood pellets.

This amazing heater is easy to set up, and the lightweight feature makes it portable, allowing the user to transport it with ease.

It does not spark, which makes this heater safe on any ground, so you can sit as near as you want. The design has rings that make the fire site beautiful and visually appealing site.

As it comes unassembled, you have to do it yourself but do not worry about it; this heater assembles easily and with no tools to complete assembly.


·       True to it advertisement

·       Easy to assemble

·       2-in-1, heater and bonfire

·       This heater is affordable


·       Sometimes, it does not last for more than 20 minutes. You have to reignite the fire

Are wood pellet heaters any good?

A wood pellet porch heater is an excellent alternative to a traditional wood stove pipe or fireplace oven. They provide a clean, efficient, and cost-effective way to heat your home outdoors.

The heaters burn pellets made of compressed sawdust and other organic materials, which are then burned in the heater’s chamber. This process creates very little smoke or particulate matter and is much less messy than wood.

The heaters are also relatively easy to maintain, with most maintenance involving cleaning the burn chamber, replacing the pellet burner, checking for air leaks, and occasionally changing out the exhaust fan.

Further, they provide a very efficient type of heating compared to other traditional sources. The pellets used in the heater produce consistent, controllable heating which makes them great for keeping your home warm and comfortable. Additionally, the wood pellet patio heater is low maintenance and requires very little ash or effort to keep them running efficiently.

How to buy the Best Wood  Pellet Patio Heater?

When shopping for the best heater for your garden, deck, or porch hangout here are the important parameters you should not overlook. This include

1.   Heating Parameter; The Heating Output and Heat Radius

The heat output for the gas and wood-pellet heaters is measured in BTU, the British Thermal Unit. Remember that the high BTU indicates a high warmth for the heater. Usually, the heater, on average, has a 45000 BTU. allowing for a good heat radius.

In case you are considering other options,

On the other hand, the electric heater's heating output is measured in wattage that must be higher to change the cold air into hot. The infrared heater heats the objects instead of the air.

Don’t forget to check the radius of the heating output, too, as they represent the amount of radiant heat, which is up to 18 ft. in diameter.

2.   Safety Features

The safety feature is a must-have in every type of outside heater. It should have a turn-off button gas valve in case the power source trips or at least a timer that can turn off automatically after some time.

Warm the otudoors always

Another thing, make sure there is an uninterrupted supply of fuel sources. That is, always. have a backup, spare fuel. For gas, be sure it is stored in a cold place where there is no direct sunlight and no hot temperature, and for wood pellets, store them in a dry and moisture-free place.

3.   Heater Style and Design

The wood pellet patio heater is available in a variety of styles and designs. They are available in mushroom towers and pyramids, commonly in copper, silver, bronze, matte black, color, etc., to match different patios so that it makes sense in your settings. Electric heaters work great if they have been mounted on the wall and not the ground.

Now, you can also find them in the form of hanging lamps,  fans, etc. In case you have decided to get the hanging fan, then you should watch out for the surroundings to prevent any fire hazards.

Other features to know about patio heaters include

•Patio heaters are mostly portable and lightweight, featuring wheels for easy maneuverability.

• Some models come with remote control and timer for convenience.

• Fire resistance is important to ensure the heater does not corrode due to exposure to water or other elements.

• On the first burn, a small smell may occur but will quickly disperse during the burn process.

Frequently Asked Questions | Wood Pellet Deck Heater

Power sources for patio heaters, natural gas, propane, or wood pellets all of them have their significance. Usually, patio heaters, in the case of propane gas, burn a requirement of 20 to 30 lbs. However, it may cost an additional 30 to 40 bucks for natural gas, and so for propane, sometimes even more.

Electric heaters, similar to the natural gas heater, will cost you your electricity bill, whereas, for wood pellets, it is average fuel cost of around $18 per bag of 20 lbs you burn.

Similarly, like the different fuel sources, their power differs too from the models and the technology that they use. A majority of patio heater power is measured in the British Thermal Unit, BTU. The high BTU represents high power, so I prefer and recommend the one with a great BTU.

Patio Heater on deck
Patio Heater on deck

The best propane patio heater is powerful, with a 40,000 BTU minimum and above a lot like a stove. However, the rating for electric power heaters is quite low, around 5,000 to 14,000 BTU which is a clear difference, giving propane heaters an advantage over

Conclusively, the best option for your wood pellet patio heater is either propane (the other efficient alternative) or a wood heater stove that utilizes pellets. However, it is not necessary; you need to consider your requirement first and then evaluate what option will suit you the best.

Do patio heaters use a lot of electricity?

In case you purchase an electric heater on your covered patio, it will cost you more on your electricity bill, but it would not cost you more than 50 pence per hour. If you want to estimate the cost of the infrared heating heater, you can multiply the wattage that your heater uses by the hourly rate of the electricity tariff.

What is the best BTU for an outdoor patio heater?

The standing patio heater models usually have a 40,000 BTU on average. However, it also varies depending on the brand and the type of outdoor heater too. This is because the electric heater has a 12,000 BTU maximum in most cases.

diy wood pellet patio heater-For the adventurous

Create your own wood pellet patio heater with just a few simple materials and tools. Start by measuring the size of the area you want to heat and then purchase the right amount of wood pellets, a stovepipe, and any other additional tools or materials needed. Place your stovepipe in a secure location where it will be safe from wind. Fill the stovepipe fire box with pellets and light them using an ignition tool or other fire starter. Once lit, the pellets will burn hot enough to provide warmth to your patio - perfect for outdoor meals and entertaining!

If you ask yourself pellet patio heater vs propane which is better?

Pellet patio heaters are an excellent choice for anyone looking to warm up their patio without spending a fortune. Pellets are a much more affordable fuel source than propane and they produce far fewer emissions, resulting in a cleaner burning heat source. Plus, pellets are made of renewable wood materials, making them an eco-friendly option for your home's heating needs. Not only do pellet patio heaters provide warmth and comfort, but they also put less strain on the environment - a win-win!

Conclusively | Wood Pellet Patio Heater

There is no limit for you to stay cozy only in winter. The wood pellet patio heater can be utilized to stay warm in every season without damaging your environment. With great designs, you can select the one that blends well with your garden or deck settings and offers movability.

In this article, I have searched for a wood pellet patio heater that offers good coverage with high BTU, from which you can get your desired product that matches your need the most. Let us know if you have more comments or questions!

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