6 Best Whole House Generators for Sudden Power Cuts in 2023

Best Wole House Generators

Power outage is inevitable, especially when the weather conditions are worse. To cope with such emergencies, it is better to have a potential backup, like installing the best whole house generator for immediate power supply

Power outage is inevitable, especially when the weather conditions are worse. To cope with such emergencies, it is better to have a potential backup, like installing the best whole house generator for immediate power supply. A house generator adds an automatic voltage regulator to supply power to electrical wiring.

Nonetheless, here, the question is,

How to know The Best Whole House Generator I should get? A buying guide

Generator open view

Knowing about some essential components will make it easy to decide while selecting a generator for your home. This adds to

1.   Power output

Power output is the basic factor that you should check when getting a house generator. To determine the required maximum power output, compare the electrical load with the generator’s capacity.

Sometimes due to a lack of awareness, people may need clarification on a whole house generator for small homes to meet a large power requirement. Make sure to know the generator’s rating.

How a whole house generator is rated?

A generator is rated in watts. The higher the wattage, the more powerful unit will be. It is always written on the generator.

For instance, a house generator with a power capacity of 3800 to 4500 W is suitable for a house with low-power-consuming devices or a small home. A unit rated as 10000 to 12000 watts is ideal for providing coverage to a large home.

2.   Capacity of Engine

A whole house generator for the home uses different fuel sources like propane and natural gas that convert the chemical energy to rotational energy for generating electricity—for that, you should look for a large-capacity gas power engine for optimal performance.

The capacity of gas-powered generators is measured in CC cubic centimeters, the space inside the chamber of the engine. With a high CC, the production of power will be high, so you commonly may encounter units with 200 cc or 400 cc.

Usually, for commercial and household use, diesel engines are used that are further classified as two-stroke and four-strokes. To meet the requirement of the whole house, four-stroke engines are used.

3.   Power of Engine

This is measured in horse powers or HP. A generator engine with 15 HP is better than one with a 10 HP engine. This is because high horsepower offers high brake power. However, the engines with high HP will consume more fuel, so watch it or be extravagant.

4.   Output Ports

When it comes to performance, you need to consider the output ports of a whole house generator, as there is no point in generating electricity if it cannot be utilized. Make sure to purchase a home generator with multiple output ports to cater to the requirements of an entire house, even if you need a power supply for an RV.

Other than that, a standard household requires AC ports, RV ports, etc. some of them have USB ports too.

5.   Fuel Type

As a home generator is permanently installed, these house generators run with a fixed supply, either by liquid propane or natural gas. Propane is an inexpensive option compared to gas to offers sufficient power. On the other hand, natural gas saves you from the hassle of refilling a tank.

I suggest and prefer natural gas personally because, during cold, propane tends to freeze, which may interrupt the power supply. That is why for continuous power during a power failure, consider natural gas fuel.

6.   Noise Level

Commonly, house generators are noisy, which is why they are installed and stationed aside from your house. Thus, this makes an essential factor too. The generators for house that are quieter have a noise level of 65 dB. Try to get one that has this level or even close to it.


When it comes to its fare, to be honest, the whole house generator cost for a single unit is upscale. However, I have managed to garner some economic and budget-friendly units for your ease.


My Recommendations for the Best Whole House Generator are:

1.   Briggs & Stratton S3500 Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton 3500 Portable Generator

Product Specifications

·       Dimensions: 25.53 x 21.12 x 21.43 inches

·       Item weight: 1 lb.

·       Engine Type: 4-Stroke

·       Fuel type: Gasoline

·       Volts: 120 V

·       Power source: Gas Powered

The first product I am listing for the best whole house generator is Briggs & Statton S3500, a gasoline generator. It works smartly with the CO (carbon monoxide) sensor and turns off the generator when it detects that it is on an unsafe level.

This is among the most portable generators because some equipment or an RV can be powered with 3500 watts. The electricity will stay for 10 hours at 50% load from the 4-gallon fuel tank. An additional burst of power from a power surge alternator can start the motors on bigger appliances and equipment.

The S3500's 208 cc OHV (overhead valve) Briggs & Stratton Power built engine is built to operate cooler, extending the life of your generator.

The 4,650 peak watts of the WGen3600v provide the starting power for bigger motors. The 4-gallon gasoline tank can offer backup power for up to 13.5 hours.

The WGen3600v contains three 30 amp receptacles with rubber covers for optimal safety: one L5-30R 30 amp receptacle, one RV-Ready TT-30R 30 amp receptacle, and one 5-20R 120V domestic duplex outlet.

Further, this house generator has a 212 cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV engine (overhead valve engine) with a durable cast iron sleeve and automatic low oil cutoff.


·       It is durable

·       The design is portable

·       Allows charging smaller electronic devices


·       It is not easy to read a fuel gauge

2.   Westinghouse-WGen9500DF


Product Specifications

·       Dimensions: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches

·       Weight: 211 lbs.

·       Voltage: 240 V

·       Wattage: 12500 W

·       Fuel type: Gasoline, LPG

·       Power source: Gas Powered

Westinghouse a well-known name in generator manufacturing as well a company. As one of the most potent choices for the best whole house generator on this list, the Westinghouse WGen9500DF Generator is undoubtedly a wise choice for indoor and outdoor uses.

The operating wattage of this gasoline-powered generator is 9500 W, while its max power rating is 12500 W. This dual-fuel generator works by using propane and has a maximum output of 11200 watts. The key fob with this item may also be used to start it remotely.

Along with the Westinghouse WGen9500DF Generator comes a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. The generator can operate continuously for 12 hours if it is fully charged.

There are four outlets on the Westinghouse WGen9500DF generator: two regular household GFCI outlets, a transfer switch, and RV- a ready outlet.

Further, this is powered by a 475 CC gas engine and produces a reliable unit with a smart shutdown when it is low on oil.


·       Runs on a standard voltage; 120 V

·       Has a powerful and a reliable gas engine

·       It has a multi-output option

·       Comes with a key fob to start remotely


·       Could be expensive for a small household

3.   Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Dual Fuel Whole House Generator

Product Specifications

·       Dimensions: 28.5 x 26 x 25.5 inches

·       Item Weight: 209 lbs.

·       Voltage: 120/240 Volts

·       Wattage: 1200 W

·       Power Source: Dual Fuel

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline, Liquefied Petroleum Gas

·       Engine: 4 Strokes

As I am speaking of powerful house generators, I could not neglect Pulsar’s G12KBN. It is a versatile and heavy-duty generator that offers a dual fuel option; natural gas and LPG, Liquefied petroleum gas.

It has an optimal power output of 12000 W and a 9500 power running output. That means you can count on it for a stable electricity supply to power heavy appliances.

The fuel tank size is big, with a capacity of 8 gallons of gas tank, to provide extended performance, up to 12 hours without a refill.

The engine is 457 CC, a 4-stroke gas engine, yet it is still portable and mobile with wheels that are 10 inches. The Pulsar G12KBN has 120/240 V 30A twist-lock outlets in addition to 4 120V 20A outlets and 120 to 240 V 50 A outlets.

Further, it features a 12-Volt DC outlet for any unique applications that call for a DC connection.


·       Powerful engine; 4 strokes for whole house power supply

·       falls among dual fuel source generators

·       High and professional grade


·       The warranty is limited.

4.   DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

DuroStar Ds4000S Portable Whole House Generator

Product Specifications

·       Dimensions: 22 x 25 x 22 inches

·       Weight: 142 lbs.

·       Wattage: 500 Watts

·       Voltage: 120 volts

·       Power source: Gas

·       Output wattage: 5500 Watts

If you are hunting for a mid-range generator for power outages count on DuroMax as a basic household generator. It can single-handedly operate home appliances with a starting power of 5500 watts and continuous running power of 4500 watts.

This unit offers a dual-fuel option similar to other electric start generators listed in this article. Depending on the availability in your area, you may power this appliance with either gasoline or propane.

The DuroMax XP5500EH electric start generator has a 224 CC OHV engine (overhead valve engine) that generates enough power to provide a steady flow of electricity.

Each generator’s 120-volt standard AC outlet may provide the most power possible thanks to MX2 technology. You can do this if your required demand is 240 volts of output.

Further, the DuroMax XP5500EH electric start generator features one 120/240 30A twist-lock outlet and two regular 120-volt GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupter) that allow for simultaneous usage.


·       Good option for basic household

·       Has multiple outlets

·       Operates on a

  • dual-fuel system and offer's enough power to fulfill basic power requirements


·       Fuel tank is small

5.    Champion Power Equipment 100837

Champion Power Equipment Whole House Generator

Product Specification

·       Dimension: 50 x 30.1 x 32.1 inches

·       Weight: 482 lbs.

·       Volts: 120/ 240 Single Phase

·       Wattage: 12500 Watts

·       Power source: Battery Powered

·       Fuel type: Propane gas and natural gas

·       Engine type: 4-stroke

·       Sound: 62 dB

The Champion 14-kW aXis generator is one of the most expensive whole house generators, but it offers exceptional characteristics that set it apart from the competition.

With its impressive power capacity of 14,000 watts, the Champion AXis stands out on our list for the power it can supply to your house or office with a lower noise level of only 62 dB. This means this natural gas generator is exceptionally quiet.

This unit works smartly. As soon as the power goes off, the Champion aXis turns on automatically, distributes the electric load, and keeps working in very cold or hot conditions. You can run your air conditioner on it without any doubt.

The downside is that this backup power generator does not have a remote monitoring system. However, it has a 10-year limited guarantee, twice as long as many other models.

Further, this unit is a 4-stroke battery-powered generator that allows a dual fuel option.


·       This whole house generator is quiet

·       Works with all modern technology

  • it is powerful enough to support air conditioning

·       Has free lifetime technical support and 10 years warranty


·      although it allows remote monitoring it is not included in the package

6.   Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator

Generac Guardian 24kW Home Standby Generator

Product Specification

·       Dimensions: 48 x 25 x 29 inches

·       Weight: 514 lbs.

·       Fuel type: Gasoline

·       Power source: Natural Gas

·       Voltage: 120 V AC

·       Wattage: 24000 w

In residential settings, air-cooled generators are typically employed as backup power sources. Two advantages of this kind of whole house generator include its affordability and ease of maintenance.

The Generac Guardian 24kW is an air-cooled generator that runs on propane and generates up to 24,000 watts of electricity.

This one is perfect for households that want a generator capable of managing rising power demands, such as running an air conditioner, because it is a smart unit with modern technology. This is because it includes Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to keep updated even when you are not around. During power failure, it has the capacity of powering industrial grade tools as well.

With this house generator, the power output is maximized when the requirement is minimal. This unit requires a housing of 4 feet in length and 2 feet in width, unlike the majority of compact generators, making it equivalent to standard whole house generators.

Further, this unit has a Quiet-Test weekly on a self-test mode that operates at a decibel level of only 57. In general, regularly, the generator has a 67 dB noise level.


·       Air-cooled generator

·       It conducts self-tests weekly

·       The noise level is 67 dB


·       Transfer switch is not added

·       The power output is minimized with natural gas

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Whole House Generator

What size generator do I need for the entire house?

The size of house generator varies. There are plenty of options with more power to supply power to the house. Here is a guide

  • if you have a low requirement, then go for a whole house generator with 3800 to 4500 W.
  • for medium requirements, 10,000 W to 12, 000 W is suitable for continuous power.
  • in the case of a large home, consider a whole house generator with 20,000 W and above.

How big of a generator do I need for a 2500-square-foot house?

If you have a big house with high voltage appliances then you need a generator with more power. Thus, a whole house generator with 20k (20,000) watts. However, you can go below or above that depending on electricity supply demand.

To check how much power your whole house generator has looked at the packaging the maximum power output is mentioned on the box.

What generator is better than Generac?

A Generac generator is considered one of the best whole house generators and a popular choice. However, which generator is better is a tough call as all of them are among the list of the best whole house generator one way or the other.

To cut it short, it depends on the user’s requirements, including the size of the house that determines what house generator system will be suitable.

I have listed some great options offering different deals; economic as well as costly, and their coverage.

Conclusively, the Best Whole House Generator

this standalone power station with great engine power work as a backup during a power outage. Thus, the best whole house generators are undoubtedly convenient, yet some offer a dual-fuel alternative with gas engine power.

This article has solely structured to help the buyer with their purchase of a house generator system as a power backup. These units have either a manual transfer switch automatic transfer switch that immediately turns the system on. Thus, I have mentioned the products rated as the best whole house generator 2023 by user’s choice and in-depth research for medium to large households or offices.

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