Best Electric Start Generator for 2023

Hand touching a power source like starting an electric Generator.

electric start generator is more convenient that begins to work immediately with just a simple push button.

Pulling the recoil cord is the traditional way to start a generator which requires some effort. However, on the contrary, an electric start generator is more convenient that begins to work immediately with just a simple push button.

Some people may overcomplicate this feature, but it is as simple as turning on a bulb. What else makes an electric start generator significant? This guide covers it all.

So, let’s get started.

Why do generators have Electric Start?

Nowadays, many generators come with a switch that turns on the engine which should be flipped before pulling the recoil cord. However, in case your generator model has an electric start button, then skip the recoil cord. It will turn the generator on automatically in a simpler way.

What is the difference between an electric start generator and a manual recoil generator?

The difference between an electric start generator and a manual recoil start generator is basic. They both work in a similar way but have different techniques for starting.

As I have mentioned that a manual recoil cord start is the conventional starting way for a generator that is operated with hands. In this, you need to pull the cord. Whereas an electric start generator is an effortless method, you do not have to use your energy. You just need to push a button.


Since having a power backup, the generator has become an essential unit for the household, especially for people living in suburban areas specifically.

What type of generator do I need?

For generators, you have the option to select from standard, portable, inverter, and power stations. There is no hardcore rule for what type of generator you should go for, as it all depends solely on the user’s requirement.

All four of these generators have their own power capacities and fuel requirement, while the sole purpose is to be the potential power backup during electrical failure. However, the best suggestion for which one to get is to know your need first and then match it with the generator’s wattage.

Since here I am speaking of electric start generators, I have researched some best options for the generators.

My Recommendation for the Electric Start Generator

1.    Westinghouse 4650 W Portable Generator

Westinghouse 4650-Watt

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 23.3 x 22.8 x 21.3 inches

·       Weight: 109 lbs.

·       Wattage: 3600 W

·       Fuel Type: LPG, Gasoline

·       Power Source: Propane, Gasoline

·       Voltage: 120 V

This Westinghouse gas generator with an electric start generator has 3,600 operating watts. It alone is more than enough to supply power to the RV appliances, electronics, and lighting.

This unit offers a dual fuel option, which means you can operate it on gasoline or propane, and while using 1,000 watts, you'll have electricity for 14 hours on a full tank.

It is in the center of the range of alternatives in terms of power output and price—not too little or too big, nor too powerful or expensive. So, you can count in for the medium-range generators.

Further, it is equipped with outlets and plugs for campers and RVs. It is intended to provide power backup for a few specific household items like refrigerators and heat pumps.

It starts easy, and Westinghouse manufactures reliable generators that perform when it counts. Still, it cannot be utilized as a whole-home generator if the home is tiny.


·       Starts with a quick remote electric start

·       Sturdy to power household electronics

·       Has a great run time t is capable of running for 14 hours if using 1000 W only.

·       Good option for RV


·       It is heavy

2.    Wen 56475 4750-W Portable power generator

Wen 4750-Watt Portable power

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 26.6 x 17.1 x 17.3 inches

·       Weight: 112.50 lbs.

·       Wattage: 4750 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline

·       Power Source: Gas-powered

·       Voltage: 120 V

This portable generator is another reliable option for a power outage; you can easily run sensitive electronics on this unit. Working on gas means that it can be your companion in the long run.

It is one of those portable generators that have a bearable level of noise at 68 dB only. This can be totally safe and certified by EPA and CARB. This model is compact and offers great mobility with telescopic handles and large wheels support.

This keyless power generator can supply power to lights, TV, refrigerator, etc. You may drive for up to 10 hours at half-load after just filling the 4-gallon tank with fuel.

The automated voltage regulator contributes to producing clean electricity that safeguards your gadgets. While the wheel kit and twin handles increase mobility, overload prevention and low-oil shutdown also protect the device from harm.

This unit is also supported by a 2-year guarantee, assistance from WEN service specialists, and a countrywide service network with over 1000 locations because it is a WEN product. Remember the days when a power outage wasn't a concern?


·       It has an impressive running time

·       Has a low noise level which is only 68 dB

·       Convenient with an electric start button

·       Comes with a dedicated RV 30A- 120 V outlet

·       The user gets 3 years of limited warranty.


·       For parts replacement, it is difficult to find spare parts

3.    Westinghouse 12500 Electric start generator

 Westinghouse 12500 Electric start generator

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 27.2 x 26.1 x 26.5 inches

·       Weight: 199.6 lbs.

·       Wattage: 12500 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline, LPG

·       Power Source: Gas Powered

·       Voltage: 240 V

The third portable power generator with an electric start I am listing is another Westinghouse generator that comes with impressive starting watts with 12500 peak watts and 9500 W running watts. This means it is one heavy-duty unit that works on a 4-strokes OHV engine, which is made from durable cast iron.

The run time is good, up to 12 hours on a 6.6 gallons fuel tank. It is no wonder that this push button is easy to start but quite loud, with a 74 dB noise level. You will get USB ports, extension cords and power outlets.

Moving it is convenient as it offers portability with its large wheels, accompanied by the foam grip handle and a lift bracket. Although it looks bulkier, it works smart without turning off when the oil is low, prevents overloading, and has automatic voltage regulation.

Also, it features an automatic shutdown sensor when it senses carbon monoxide with co sensor. This means the manufacturers have given special attention to the safety feature. This is not it. This applies to all the Westinghouse generators.


·       Capable of providing power to a whole house

·       Quick electric start

·       Allows many receptacle options

·       Runs up to 12 hours

·       Comes with a built-in fuel gauge and co sensor

·       The user gets lifetime technical support


·       It is one loud portable generator

4.    DuroMax XP5500H

DuroMax XP5500H

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 22 inches

·       Weight: 124 lbs.

·       Wattage: 5500 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline or propane

·       Power Source: gas

·       Voltage: 120 V

This generator offers plenty of power with 5500 W with a running capacity of 4500 W. DuraMax can easily handle heavy loads of home appliances like air conditioners, fridges, etc.

As I said, it is a heavy-duty generator, and it offers dual-fuel technology, i.e. gasoline and propane so that you can switch with the availability of fuel. This turns off automatically with the oil reaches a low level.

This comprises of 224cc OHV engine that can easily handle power supply to multiple tools with 120 V receptacles of maximum power. You have the option to select the operating function between 120 V and 240 V. No wonder it is a good option for RV.

Further, it features a power panel that includes a wide selection of outlets, twist locks, and 12 V DC charging posts for external batteries.


·       The metal construction makes it durable

·       Compact in size and lightweight

·       Alternative electric start

·       The frame is made with heavy-duty steel

·       Handles and wheels for easy mobility


·       It is a loud unit

5.    WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800 W

Wen 56380i Super Quiet

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 23.2 x 18 x 20.1 inches

·       Weight: 99.2 lbs.

·       Wattage: 3800 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline

·       Power Source: Gas powered

·       Voltage: 120 V

This portable generator is one of the quietest generators. The WEN 3,800 Watt is an inverter generator that generates voltage which is clean, free from spikes. It produces power of up to 3800 surge watts and 3400 rated watts. At quarter load, our 212cc 4-stroke air-cooled OHV engine runs at a whisper-quiet 57 dB, which is comparable to a window air conditioner or a normal conversation.

This is a great option to consider while people are hunting, camping, tailgating, or regenerating backup power. Additionally, the WEN 3800W Inverter Generator has a fuel shutdown by stopping the flow of gasoline; this function enables the generator to exhaust the remaining fuel in the carburettor before turning it off on its own. This reduces maintenance requirements while extending the life of the carburettor by preventing buildup and clogs brought on by stagnant gasoline.

This portable power generator, which is made to mimic a pure sine wave, has a total harmonic distortion limit of less than 0.3 percent at no load and less than 1.2 percent at full load, making it secure enough to power tablets, laptops, phones, monitors, and other delicate devices.

Further, this generator is ultra-efficient with a 2.2-gallon tank that offers more than 8.5 hours of operating time at just half-load.

It is lightweight with a compact design, built-in wheels, and a folding handle making for simple mobility. Two 3-prong 120V conventional home outlets, one AC 120V 30A NEMA TT-30R outlet, one 12V DC outlet, two 5V USB ports, and an easy-to-read digital fuel and load display are all included in our fully-loaded panel.


·       The operating sound is very low

·       It is a fuel-efficient generator that can run long

·       The running voltage is impressive

·       Easy fuel checking


·       It has a low endurance for tough weather

6.    Generac 7676 GP8000 W

Generac 7676

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 26.5 x 27.2 x 27 inches

·       Weight: 198 lbs.

·       Wattage: 8000 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline

·       Power Source: Gas powered

·       Voltage: 120 V and 240 V

The Generac 7676 GP8000E is a highly effective and dependable generator. It competes favorably with premium manufacturers like Honda and CAT, even at its pricing point. The starting watts is 10000 while the running watts for this electric start generator is 8000 W.

The Power Rush enhanced technology in the Generac 7676 provides up to 30% higher beginning capacity. Its 7.9-gallon steel tank, which has a fuel gauge and can operate for up to 11 hours at 50% load, is made of steel and has a capacity. Additionally, it includes a convenient electric start button and a battery that can be recharged.

This power generator has never-flat wheels, a steel tube cage for optimum safety, and covered AC outlets since it is made to withstand harsh situations. Two 120V home outlets, each protected by a 20A push-to-reset type circuit breaker, are present.


·       Easy operations for electric start, comes with the battery

·       Made with durable steel

·       Has crane attachments lifting pockets

·       Never flat wheels for easy mobility

·       Fuel tank is quite big

·       Compact design


·       It lacks a DC power outlet

·       Could be a threat to sensitive electronics

7.    Champion Power Equipment 100891

Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt

Product Features

·       Dimensions: 28.9 x 27.7 x 26.1 inches

·       Weight: 207 lbs.

·       Wattage: 7500 W

·       Fuel Type: Gasoline, Propane

·       Power Source: Propane-powered

·       Voltage: 240 V

The Champion Power Equipment 100891 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a great choice. This generator is designed for versatility and convenience.

With its electric start and Cold Start Technology, it's easy to get started in any weather. The Intelli-gauge feature lets you keep track of power output and maintenance intervals.

Plus, the low oil shut-off sensor protects your engine. Operate your Dual-Fuel generator right out of the box with the included 1.2-quarts of 10W-30 oil.


·       Has a great runtime

·       Easy electric start

·       Allows dual fuel system

·       Budget-friendly generator


·       It lacks a remote start

·       The fuel efficiency is low

How we selected these electric start generators?

When searching for electric star generators, my priority was searching for those generators that fulfil the minimum requirements. Secondly, I used my personal experience and user experience for the generators.

Frequently Asked Question | Electric Start Generator

1.   Do electric start generators charge their own battery?

There are some generators that recharge their battery while running. The Honda generators recharge their battery when being used.

2.   Is it worth buying an electric start generator?

Yes, it is. It is an additional feature that many generators are now offering, but it is not necessary to have unless you want to.

In my opinion, starting a generator with a button is easier than pulling recoil because as the engine ages, the chances of your generator starting in the first shot will decrease.

3.   What size generator do I need to power a house?

A generator with a minimum of 4000 W would be sufficient for powering a house. This wattage is sufficient to run essential electronic devices with ease. However, if you want to power the whole house, you need a generator with a minimum of 8000 W.

For a whole house, you need to get a natural gas generator. At the same time, consider a portable generator or a power station for minor requirements such as lighting bulbs, charging devices, etc.

4.   Which generator type is more efficient?

With all the pros and cons, every generator has its own significance; however, speaking of the most efficient generator, then count on the one that works with natural gas. Propane and gasoline generators are ideal for RVs or to fulfil a minor demand.

Consider a rechargeable power station if you want to keep your television and computer system running. For that, you can count on Marbero Power Station.

Marebro Power Station

Conclusion, Best Electric Start Generator

The key effort of every person is to get the best deal and the product when before making a final purchase. For generators, the core idea is to have that specific single unit which is cost and energy-efficient.

In this guide, I have researched the best electric start generators for the ease of the user. Remember that, in case you want to power large electronic equipment like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., you should consider a gas-powered generator. To power small appliances, go for the power station.

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