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Best Air Purifier for HAVC System

Indoor quality holds much more significance than we used to think, especially after the global pandemic. Maintaining the air quality and ensuring it is filtered and germs-free has become necessary. That is why it is better to install the best air purifier for HVAC system that gives hospital-grade air quality. Here, in this guide, I mention a few options for air purifiers connected to HVAC that ensure healthy indoor air quality.

Before finalizing what product will suit you, you must know what is suitable for your home system. So, let’s get started.

What is HVAC UV-C Air Purifier?

An air purifier is installed in the HVAC (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning) system and traps the air pollutants before they enter your home. It effectively filters out contaminants like dust, pollens, and other contaminated particles that are more likely to have an adverse impact on your health.

Hence, while getting the HVAC air purification system, you have to keep in mind that not all HVAC systems are compatible with whole-house air purifiers—the ones that do not use forced air. This includes systems that are boiler or baseboard electric heat. The preferred option for air purifiers for HVAC systems is duct-based units.

The Duct-Based systems allow air purifier installation into them, categorized as supply air and return air systems. As you can hint from their names, the air purifier is installed in the way from where the air returns to the furnace before cooling or heating.

Whereas the supply air system is installed between the furnace and the vent system. This way, the air is filtered out before it reaches the rooms.

Hence, when installing a central air purifier, be sure about its kind. Here are a few air purifiers for HVAC systems that I have narrowed down for you.

The Best Air Purifier for HVAC System I Recommend are

1.    REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier | Best HVAC Air Purifier

The first best HVAC air purifier system I am mentioning is REME.HALO in air duct air purifier, with its high and advanced air purification system, helps to improve the air quality.

This system integrates into the HVAC system seamlessly and produces hydroperoxide plasma, which is uniformly distributed to the ducts that sanitize the air.

It works with innovative technology that eliminates and removes air pollutants from the air, ensuring healthier air by using reflective electro-magnetic energy (REME)—which kills volatile organic compounds VOCs. The powerful unit also eliminates the odors.

2.    LSE Lighting Combo Pack 203C HVAC Air Purifier | Best UV Air Purifier for HVAC System

LSE Lighting Combo Pack 203C HVAC Air Purifier

This best HVAC UV air purifier is a lighting combo package that ensures air quality and effectiveness. It includes high-quality ultraviolet bulbs that are essential to run UV-C germicidal disinfection that provides clean air.

As the best UV air purifier for HVAC systems, this guarantees compatibility and optimal performance that helps to reduce allergens and healthier living environments.

The maximum life of this UV-C light is around 9 to 12 months, depending on its usage and the air quality in your area.

3. Honeywell F300E1019 Electron Air Cleaner | Best Air Filtration System for HVAC

Honeywell F300E1019 Electron Air Cleaner

Honeywell does not need much introduction as it is a famous brand and is called the best whole house HVAC air purifier. It uses electronic and mechanical filtration techniques that offer ultimate clean air in your house.

This unit draws in the air through the pre-filter that captures the large particles and then a series of ionizing wires that electrically charge smaller particles. These are then attracted to oppositely charged collection plates, where they are trapped and then removed from the air.

4.    Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner | Best Whole House HVAC Air Purifier

Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner

If you are looking for the best air filtration system for HVAC, then you can count on the Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner, which works with an advanced whole-house air purification system.

It comes with a high-performing system that easily integrates with your HVAC system and purifies the air from all kinds of indoor air contaminants, including microscopic particles and mold spores.

The coverage is excellent; it quickly covers and purifies the air of your home or in any other building. However, similar to the other air purifiers, you need to change their filters every 6 to 12 months, depending on the air quality of your area.

5.    Lennox X8796 MERV 16 | Best Air filtration System HVAC

Lennox X8796 MERV 16

Lennox X8796 MERV 16 is one of the best air filtration system HVAC that integrates to maintain healthy air quality in your residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

This unit has a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, MERV, rated to capture microns of all sizes. It has high-efficiency filtration capabilities that capture pollutants before entering your home, offering a cleaner indoor environment. This includes pet dander, mold spores, pollens, dust, viruses, and bacteria.

Some of the models come with filter replacement indicators and seal technology that ensure effectiveness and prevent air leakage of purified air.

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Should you install an HVAC Air Purifier?

There is always a debate whether an air purifier with an HVAC system is better than a room air purifier. Here is a simple rule: Consider a portable air purifier if you have another heating or cooling system than HVAC.  Other than that, an air purifier is a much better option in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Some key facts for installing an air purifier in an HVAC system include

· Prevents mold growth, beneficial for localities with high humidity

· Suitable for patients, especially if you have patients with respiratory issues

· Minimizing unpleasant odors from home

· If you live in an area with high air pollution

· If you have wildfires nearby or have a smoker

· For households in which someone gets sick from a cold or any other seasonal viral

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Hazards for not using an air purifier at home

The well-being of people of all ages is significantly connected with the air quality if you are or have a patient with asthma and other breathing issues. Poor air quality is more likely to lead to many health issues, including

· Difficulty in respiration

· Issues in nasal and throat

· Chronic coughing

· Complicates the conditions of people suffering from lung and heart conditions

· Allergy reaction

· Fatigue

· Skin irritation

· Chronic Headaches

· Complications for people with lung and heart conditions

Hence, adding an air purifier to your HVAC system is necessary.

Benefits of using an air purifier for HVAC system

A good air purifier makes your home a better place to live by coping with all the issues mentioned above. HVAC systems usually use UV-C and ultraviolet light that kill all kinds of bacteria and germs to ensure healthy air.

Although they are strong, their wavelength is limited; however, with this, it is still 99 percent effective. Other than that, the prominent benefits of having an air purifier in an HVAC system are.

1.    Kill Airborne Microbes

As said, air purifiers are designed to kill microbes, viruses, and bacteria before they enter indoors. This one is more beneficial, especially for coping with seasonal viruses like cold and flu.

2.    Reduces Allergies

The best air purifier for hvac system copes with various allergies and pet sensitivities. The ultraviolet air purifier filters out all the allergens from indoors.

3.    Minimizes chemical pollution

Not all air purifiers can eliminate volatile organic compounds, VOCs, and other chemical pollutants from the air. This includes building materials, furniture, cleaning products, and other toxins that may trigger allergies and gaseous pollution.

4.    It removes smoke and other smell

Smoke is more likely to cause severe health issues such as eye, nose, and throat irritation. This can become even worse when you are

HVAC system air purifier also removes unwanted smells and smoke from your home. Whether it is cigarette smoke or a cooking smell, it clears everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Best Air Purifier for HVAC System

1.    Can you put an air purifier on your HVAC?

Yes, there are specific units that allow you to install air purifiers in the HVAC system. Such are designed specifically to fit in your home's HVAC system or any other building. However, you have to keep in mind that not all HVAC systems are not compatible with air purifier systems. The air purifier for HVAC system should always be a whole-house air purifier, UV-C air purifier, and electronic air cleaner.

2.    What is the best HVAC air purifier?

If you are looking for one specific air purifier for HVAC system, the first thing is to understand your requirements and select the one that suits your home the most. However, the suggested and best air purifier for HVAC is the one that is duct-based and filters the air before it reaches the rooms.

These are a few of the best options I have listed. Still, for the central air purifier, I personally recommend Lennox PureAir and Aprilaire for your households and any other building.

3.    Do you need an air purifier if you have HVAC?

Air purifiers are always a trusted option for air purification to eliminate the tiniest particles, bacteria, and germs that might slip through the filters. Hence, an air purifier has become an essential household unit, especially after the pandemic.

Speaking of it, the air purifier of the HVAC system offers more air cleaning and removes 98% of contaminants if they are paired correctly with the right set of filters. For that, HEPA air purifiers are recommended.

4.    Is there a HEPA filter for an HVAC system?

High-Efficiency Particulate Air HEPA filters are usually found in stand-alone, whole-home air filtration systems installed in your HVAC system's ducts. Some models use UV germicidal light and activated carbon filters to offer ultimate air purification with maximized power. This helps to spread the filtered air in your house.

5.    Is it worth getting a HEPA filter in the furnace?

Yes, getting a HEPA filter is worth getting whether you use it in whole-house air purifiers or a regular air purifier. If you have patients suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues, HEPA filters are beneficial to remove the tiniest micros for well-being.
Overall, HEPA filters are valuable in all terms. However, when it comes to the HVAC system of your house, HEPA filters might restrict the airflow than the other filters. This makes your HVAC system work even harder than usual. That is why it is crucial to ensure that the furnace is compatible with HEPA filters or not.

6.    Should you run an air purifier and air conditioner at the same time?

You can run an air conditioner and air purifier at the same time, as they both are beneficial to run together. Although their purposes differ, they complement each other and improve indoor air quality. The air conditioners also filter the air to some extent but may leave a few particles behind that will be cleared out with an air purifier.

7.    What is the best place to install an air purifier?

Air purifiers are available in different variants, suitable for different situations and preferences. The best place to install your air purifier is in an area with proper ventilation, where no object is blocking it—away from any electronic device if you are getting a single unit.

Other than that, to get the most out of it, it is better to install it in the HVAC system of your house.

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Conclusion | Air Purifier for HVAC System

Installing the best whole house air cleaner HVAC is the ultimate solution to filter out air pollutants before they reach home and promotes a healthier atmosphere. Although the system is installed in the HVAC system, it does not compromise the air quality; in fact, it effectively removes dust, allergens, and other contaminants without letting you know.

I have mentioned a few choices from which you can select the unit that suits you the most.

If you want to read and know about what kind of air purifier will suit you, continue reading

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