7 Best Air Purifier for VOCs in 2023

7 Best Air Purifier for VOCs in 2023

Air quality holds paramount significance for the well-being of everyone, especially when you have to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Hence, the best air purifier for Vocs is an ultimate and cutting-edge solution to tackle toxins and other air pollutants for healthier air.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, are a group of chemicals that evaporates in the air quickly. Such materials are usually found in paints, cleaning agents, solvents, and in some household furniture, carpets, and cleaning agents.

These toxins could be for long and short-term to indoor air pollution that leads to respiratory issues, headaches, and other health issues. That is why you need an air purifier or a proper ventilation system.

Here in this article, I have listed the best air purifier for VOCs and molds, including.

· Winix 5500-2

· BlueAir Dust Magnet 5410i

· BlueAir 3311i

· Levoit Vital 200s

· LG AeroTower

· Dyson Air Purifier

· Medify- MA 50

With all these amazing voc air purifier, you have to option to select the best option for your house. So, let’s get started.

The Best Air Purifier for VOCs are

1. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5500

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 7.8 x 14.9 x 23.6 inches

· Weight: 16 lbs.

· Power Source: Corded Electric

· Room Size: 360 sq. ft.

· Filters: HEPA and Activate Carbon filter

· CADR: 246 cfm

· Noise Level: 27.8 to 57 dB

The next option we have for the best air purifiers for VOCs. It is a more valuable option that helps remove particles, chemicals, gases, and other toxins.

It offers impressive performance due to its combination of filters, starting from washable pre-filter, then HEPA and Activated carbon filters. Activated carbon filters play a crucial role in cleaning the VOCs, toxins, etc., from the air. You can also wash it, which increases its life.

After all these filters, it has a Winix Special Plasmawave technology stage, producing reactive ions that break down the remaining chemicals.

Furthermore, it has an automatic air sensor that adjusts its fan speed and a light sensor that automatically dims during sleep mode.


· Quietest air purifier in our list

· Has washable pre-filter

· It comes with an intelligent air quality indicator

· Has PlasmaWave technology that offers ultimate clear air


· It makes noise when working at the high speed

· It is a heavy unit

2. BlueAir Purifier Dust Magnet 5410i

BLUEAIR Dust Magnet

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 11.4 x 11.4 x 21.3 inches

· Weight: 7.84 lbs.

· Power Source: Corded Electric

· Room Size: 356 sq. ft.

· CADR: 255 cfm

· Filters: Pre-filter and HEPASilent

· Noise Level: 30 dB

This BlueAir Dust Magnet is the best air purifier for VOCs and formaldehyde due to its performance and versatile features. Starting from its smart features, this air purifier unit allows operation with a smart app and, most importantly, voice control featuring ALEXA and Google Assistant.

This purifier monitors indoor air quality. And will let you know when it is time to replace the filters. It proved itself a sturdy option against pollutants and VOCs. It is also ideal for removing smoke, pollens, pet dander, etc.

The feature I like the most is its quiet operation, even when working at optimal speed. It uses the HEPASilent filter, which is less dense than HEPA filters that keep it silent.


· Offers efficient air filtration

· Has a high CADR rating

· Impressively less noise

· Offers innovative features like Alexa Control

· It is an energy-efficient Unit


· A little costly, along with the filter replacement cost

· It is noisier when the fan speed is high

3. BlueAir Purifier 3311i Max for Home

BlueAir Purfier 33

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 12.5 x 12.5 x 19 inches

· Weight: 11.03 lbs.

· Power Source: Corded Electric

· Room Size: 387 sq. ft. to 929 sq. ft.

· Filters: Silent HEPA

· CADR: 250 cfm

· Noise Level: 50 dB

BlueAir 311i Max is one good option to clean your room’s air. Due to its noiseless operation, this unit could be the best air purifier for bedroom.

The construction of this air purifier is compact and consists of HEPASilent filters that work efficiently to capture smoke and dust particles from the air. It is a cost-effective option due to the washable pre-filter that traps pet hair, dander, and VOCs.

You can control this unit with the app due to its intuition, which offers more control and allows you to adjust even minor tasks.

Furthermore, it comes with different fan speeds that you can adjust accordingly.


· Efficient particle filtering

· It has a noiseless operation

· It comes with washable filters

· Easy controls


· VOC rating is not much flattering

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4. Levoit Vital 200S Air Purifier

Levoit Vital

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 15.6 x 8.5 x 19.8 inches

· Weight: 13.2 lbs.

· Power Source: AC

· Room Size: 380 sq. ft.

· CADR: 245 cfm

· Filters: Three-stage

· Noise Level: 24 dB to 54 dB

Levoit is always proven to be the best air purifier for voc removal. With its versatile features, this unit can adjust in every room for the purification process.

This air purifier has an intelligent filtration system with three filters (pre-filter, HEPA, and Activate Carbon) to ensure optimal air quality—34% is only cleared with a toxic filter it has. The True HEPA and pre-filter (washable) will remove chemicals, pet odor, smoke, etc.

It comes with night mode and uses an air quality sensor to adjust the fan speed automatically, and so is for the noise that turns down with the night sensor.

Furthermore, you can schedule the start and end times of running time for your unit. However, you have to make sure that only Levoit quality filters are used when there is a need for filter replacement.


· Noiseless operation

· Monitors air-changing quality

· Cost-effective with washable filters

· Possess smart features


· The bulkier look might not go with your interior

5. LG AeroTower Air Purifier

LG Aero Tower

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 10.4 x 10.4 x 44.1 inches

· Weight: 27.6 lbs.

· Power Source: corded electric

· Room Size: 818 sq. ft.

· Filters: three-stage

· Noise Level: 50 dB

LG's air purifier for chemicals and VOCs is one of the most heavy-duty. This is designed in a tower shape that offers air oscillation at a 140-degree angle, which makes it the best air purifier for large room. It can be two in one air purifying unit, as the other function of this unit could be the room fan.

This air purifier has ultimate power against VOC with the three-stage filtration system with pre-filters, True HEPA filter, and finally, the activated carbon filter.

It perfectly captures dust particles and chemical toxins with versatile features and automated controls. AeroTower voc air purifier is tall, tower-shaped, and has ten different fan speeds. However, you have to ensure that the airflow is unobstructed to work at the optimal level.

The feature I like the most is that two-thirds of the tower is a ductless fan that allows adjustable rotation for airflow.


· It has ten different fan speeds

· Auto-air mode

· Impressive oscillation up to 140 degrees

· Multi-directional airflow


· The tower build might not go with your interior

6. Dyson Purifier Humidity+ Cool Formaldehyde

Dyson Purifier Humidtify

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 36 x 12 x 11 inches

· Weight: 27.8 lb.

· Power Source: Corded Electric

· Room Size: 999 sq. ft.


· Filters:

· Noise Level: 52 dB

This model of Dyson is an air purifier for home best rated option due to its multifunctioning capabilities as it alone works as an air purifier, dehumidifier, heating, and Cool formaldehyde. The unique design stands it out from the other listed options. This combination helps to clear VOCs efficiently and effectively.

It offers a hassle-free deep clean cycle that requires low maintenance with easy-to-replace filters that will let you know when it’s time to change them.

This machine is simple to work with and offers operation with Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa.


· Multi-functional air purifier

· Works quietly

· Smart device with the app control

· Unique design without fan blades


· Expensive

· This unit is not portable

7. Medify MA-50

Medify Ma-50

Product Specifications

· Dimension: 9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches

· Weight: 14.47 lb.

· Power Source: Corded Electric

· Room Size: 550 sq. to 2200 sq. ft.

· Filters: HEPA

· Noise Level: 56 dB

Another best voc air purifier is Medify 50, which is a powerful air purifier. It is designed to pull with the help of its filters from all sides, increasing its filtration power.

The filtration includes True HEPA 13, usually used for medical level; this means it can clear VOCs well along with the other air pollutants, including smoke, dust, pet dander, pollens, smog, contaminants, etc.

It offers coverage for a large area suitable for home and office use using four different fan speeds and consumes only 120 Volts of power.


· It covers an impressive area

· It has a powerful fan system

· Medical-level grade HEPA filter


· Makes more noise at the high setting

· Filter replacement is costly

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How to know which is the best air purifier for VOCs? A buying guide

When buying the best air purifier for VOCs, here are a few factors that you should consider before buying them. This includes.

1. Technology

It has been mentioned so many times in this blog that Activated carbon filters are always the best. Ensure that your air purifier must have a combination of HEPA and carbon filters to cope with VOCs and other toxins.

2. VOC-specified features

Some modern air purifier features smart sensors that detect the VOC level in the air and adjust the speed accordingly. It will let you know when it is time to replace the filters so there will not be cluttering.

3. Coverage and Room size

It is necessary to select an air purifier with good coverage as they are available in different sizes. All of them are appropriate in accordance with the size. Other than that, the clean air delivery rate CADR is also determined by the coverage of your unit.

4. Filter replacement

The modern technology in air purifiers will let you know when it is time to change the filters. They have a smart sensor/indicator that will let you know about it.

5. Some additional features

A few additional features that make the best air purifier are

· Timer: This allows the user to schedule the time for your unit to turn off and on.

· Remote feature: Many air purifiers offer remote control functions and operate remotely with WIFI via a smartphone app.

· Air quality indicator: The air quality indicator displays real-time air quality levels that will keep you updated with the air quality.

· Auto-mode: The latest air purifying units come with auto-mode, in which the unit adjusts the fan speed and light automatically.

How do you remove VOCs from the air in your house?

There are multiple strategies that you can adopt to remove VOCs from the indoors. However, to reduce their concentration, here are a few methods.

· Use Air Purifier: Air purifiers with activated carbon filters work like magic against VOCs while neutralizing the air.

· Increase Ventilation: ensure proper ventilation and allow the air to circulate indoors to minimize and dilute its concentration.

· Ensure Regular cleaning: to avoid dust particles, it is mandatory to clean your house regularly. This will prevent their emission from affecting the air quality.

· Off-gassing: New furniture and carpets are more likely to emit VOCs. Before setting them in your home, the best practice is to off-gas them. This means you have to place them in an area with proper ventilation.

· Storage: Many cleaning agents emit VOCs. Hence, you have to ensure their proper storage. The best place is to them is under the sink cabinet or in the washer areas.

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Air Purifier for VOCs

1.    Do air purifiers help with VOCs?

Air purifiers do help with VOCs as they are equipped with special filters, such as activated carbon filters, that are designed specifically to capture toxins in the air. The porous structure of the carbon filters highly adsorbs the VOC molecules that minimize their concentration in the air.

Ensure that the unit you are getting is VOCs remover explicitly mentioned on the air purifiers.

2.    Is there an air purifier that removes VOCs?

Yes, there are air purifiers to cope with VOCs. These air purifiers typically employ advanced filtration technology by using Activated carbon filters to capture and neutralize VOCs effectively. This filter traps the toxin particles in its sponge-like structure that prevents them from recirculating in the air.

It is always recommended to go for an air purifier with at least two or three-stage filtration by having HEPA and activated carbon filter as a must.

3.    What air purifier removes VOCs and formaldehyde?

Many air purifiers are equipped to remove VOCs and formaldehyde from the air. These are commonly found in household products such as furniture, building materials, etc. The multi-stage air purifiers are always a good option to remove such toxins from the air. That is why I have listed every single unit that fulfills the parameter of the best air purifier for VOCs.

4.    Does Dyson get rid of VOCs?

Dyson air purifiers, specifically those that have HEPA filters, are great options for removing VOCs. These air purifiers are although designed in a different way, but they are good for removing every kind of air pollutant. Other than that, their design also offers oscillation that many air purifiers lack.

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Conclusion | Air Purifier for Home

The presence of VOCs in our surrounding emanating from various sources, such as paint, furniture, etc., underscores the significance of efficient air purification. Selecting air purifiers that remove vocs could be crucial when you have plenty of options.

Here, we have collected a list of the best air purifiers for VOCs, mainly with HEPA filters and Activated Carbon filters that remove around 99.99% of all the significant kinds of air pollutants.

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