Weatherproof Outdoor Roller Blinds, Are they Worth it?

Weatherproof Outdoor Roller Blinds, Are they Worth it?
Weatherproof Outdoor Roller Blinds

The weatherproof outdoor roller blinds are made to withstand harsh and prevent UV rays and sunlight up to 90%.

Weatherproof outdoor roller blinds are mostly considered to be used for maintaining privacy; however, this is not the only thing that they can do. These lightweight roll blinders can also protect from harsh sunlight, strong winds, or even heavy rain. Here, the question is, what are the best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds? Well, worry not; I have researched them, so you don’t have to.

In this article, I am reviewing the top 6 best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds, include.

·        Coolaroo Cordless Outdoor Roller Shades

·        Radiance Cord Free Roll-up

·        Alion Home Sunshades Panel

·        Keystone Fabric E70


Now, let’s get started.

The Outdoor Blinds, A Quick Brief

A shade that covers your window to have privacy and protection against harsh weather conditions. These can be used indoors as well as in outdoor settings, especially in patios.

The outdoor blinds are made to be weather-resistant and waterproof with different materials (scroll down to read about materials).

The Best Weatherproof Outdoor Roller Blinds Are

Here, have researched and narrowed it down to these products.

1.     Coolaroo Cordless Outdoor Roller Shades | Best Cordless Roller Blind

Coolaroo Cordless Outdoor Roller Shades

Speaking of the best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds, Coolaroo is a popular and trusted option. Constructed with high density polyethylene, these weather resistant roller blinds blocks around 80% of harmful UV rays.

These outdoor roller blinds are made with breathable knitted fabric for airflow, yet they minimize the heat and retain cooling. For convenience, they are not only of good quality but also technology as they are cordless outdoor roller blinds; they have a wand crank mechanism that makes it easy to raise and lower shades.

Furthermore, these roller blinds are easy to clean and install with minimal effort with heavy-duty rails. You can wash them or use a damp cloth and let them air dry, they will be as good as new. 

2.     Radiance Cord Free Roll-up | Best Budget Outdoor Roller Blinds

2.     Radiance Cord Free Roll-up

The next best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds option is Radiance Bamboo Shade which easily uplifts the look of your patio with the natural texture.

Radiance Bamboo outdoor shade does not require any cords, all you have to need is fasteners and a few hooks that are readily available can be done single handedly.  

This best budget outdoor shade is easy to install and has a natural style with the ability to filter sunlight, yet allows the soft rays to enter. In a nutshell, you can still maintain your privacy without compromising the natural light.

Furthermore, you have the choice of two colors and three designs. However, keep in mind that they might be the best option for windy weather.

3.     Alion Home Sun Shades Panel | Best Weatherproof Roller Blinds

3.     Alion Home Sun Shades Panel

In case you are looking for a weatherproof outdoor roller blinds that offers privacy as well then consider Alion Home Sun shade panel.

These roller blinds are capable of covering the whole section ensuring complete blocking of sunlight up to 90% as well as from the gusty wind. This feature does not make it a screen that can block visibility; it maintains a balance among those features.

With its sturdy construction and durable UV-stabilized material shade panels, it is knitted with 185+ GSM commercial quality polyethylene in different colors, making it one of the best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds.

4.     Keystone Fabric E70 | Best Roller Blinds for Weather

This weatherproof outdoor roller blinds not only blocks the sun ray but also the heat and the blinding glare without compromising the aesthetics.

The construction of these roller blinds is solid, made with commercial weight, exterior grade PVC Woven Fabric that limits 90% of UV rays and lights.

These roller blinds can be installed in the windows even to reduce your electricity bills, meaning they minimize the heat and retain the cooling from the AC.

The sturdy aluminum valance with a quick installation system makes it a doable job for a single person. Furthermore, it is a cordless safety crank operation with a bungee tie-down system.

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How to get the best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds?

Weatherproof outdoor roller blinds are modern and versatile, so finding the best option could be a little tricky. Hence, here are a few features that will make your decision a little easier. Whenever you buy outdoor roller blinds, ensure that.

It is not only the aesthetics of outdoor roller blinds, but their kind also casts a significant effect. This includes the following popular kinds available for weatherproof roller blinds. It adds to

·        PVC Outdoor Roller Blinds

The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roller blinds are more like a plastic material, making them durable and moisture resistant, making them suitable for various weather conditions and direct UV rays. They are easy to clean and maintain and offer excellent protection against heavy rain, dust storms, and wind.

·        Bamboo Outdoor Roller Blinds

The bamboo blinds are a natural and eco-friendly option. This type of outdoor roller blinds can withstand different weather conditions. Other than that, these blinds are resistant to mildew and mold, making them suitable for humid environments.

·        Mesh Outdoor Roller Blinds

Mesh blinds are designed to provide shade without blocking the airflow. Such outdoor roller blinds are a good option, which makes them an ideal option for hot and humid climates. They are often made from weather-resistant materials and can withstand exposure to the elements.

·        Acrylic Outdoor Roller Blinds

The acrylic fabrics are known for their durability and resistance to fading, making them suitable for outdoor use. They are often treated to resist water, stains, and mildew.

·        Sunbrella Outdoor Roller Blinds

Sunbrella is a brand that produces high-quality outdoor fabrics, including those used for roller blinds.   This type of fabric is known for its durability, UV resistance, and resistance to water and mildew.

·        Aluminum Outdoor Roller Blinds

Aluminum blinds are sturdy and resistant to rust, making them suitable for locations with high humidity or coastal areas. They are available in various finishes and can provide effective protection against the elements.

2.    Weather Resistance

The roller blinds are Usually, they are the best outdoor roller blinds for rain, wind, insects, sunlight, harmful UV rays, etc., ensuring durability and versatility. You have to select the material according to your requirements. For the Patio, it is recommended to go for a material that offers resistance against harsh weather.  

The PVC outdoor roller is more effective to protect from UV rays as it is tightly enclosed and offers a complete blackout effect.

3.     Maintenance

It is recommended to go for low-maintaining blinds. The PVC blinds are good enough to resist mold and mildew and will keep your blinds looking fresh even after years. Just clean it with a cloth, and they will be as good as new.

4.     Noise Reduction

The roller blinds can also help minimize the noise. This is because they are made with thick fabric, which reduces noise and maintains a quieter environment.

5.     Energy-efficient outdoor blinds

The outdoor blinds are energy efficient as they prevent heat loss and gain. This also helps to retain the cooling and heating according to the weather requirements.

6.     Cordless Option

The cordless option is convenient for offices and is considered a kids-friendly option, which is safe and secure for home use. Instead of string, these roller blinds are operated through the remote. Hence, if you have kids at home, then you should probably go with the cordless option.

Which is better, PVC blinds or aluminum blinds?

It has always been a dilemma whether to get PVC blinds or aluminum blinds; their construction features different abilities. The prominent features are





Polyvinyl Chloride, 57% chlorine

Blind slats





Smooth and glossy

Metallic look


Inexpensive, depends on a few features


Cleaning and Maintenance



*Materials and finish for both PVC blinds and Aluminum blinds are available in glossy and metallic that you can paint to match your aesthetics.

Other features that differentiate PVC blinds and Aluminum blinds

PVC Blinds

The kind of plastic material, polyvinyl chloride, is an extracted salt from chlorine. It is lightweight yet durable, with good resistance to humidity and moisture. In terms of pricing, PVC blinds are comparatively more affordable than aluminum because of the construction and the materials. Most importantly, they offer great insulation for heating and cooling.

PVC blinds go more with the aesthetics to build a modern or minimalistic look, yet you can still have different options for their design and appearance.

Aluminum Blinds

On the other hand, the raw material used for manufacturing aluminum blinds is expensive and a little tricky. However, the exact price can vary on a few factors like brand as well as the size. Speaking of it, its design is comparatively smaller in width and more used for light control.

Although they are made of durable material, they are more suitable for high-traffic areas or for commercial areas, to be precise.

Frequently Asked Question | Best Weatherproof Outdoor Roller Blinds

1.     What is the best material for outdoor roller blind?

The best material for outdoor roller blinds is usually polyester or acrylic fabric because of their specifications, such as material durability and tough construction. Their resistance to UV rays, mildew, and other various weather conditions is great.

Other than that, PVC is also a suitable option, offering waterproof and UV-resistant properties. If you want resistance against sunlight, the sunscreen mesh fabric is ideal for filtering sunlight while maintaining visibility.

The natural materials like bamboo or reed can be chosen for their unique aesthetic, but they may require more maintenance. The choice depends on factors such as climate, intended use, and personal preferences. However, it can prevent around 97 to 99 percent of mist and light to moderate rain.

2.     Are outdoor blinds waterproof?

To be honest, the outdoor blinds do resist water to some extent, but they are not completely waterproof. The combination of different materials and durability helps to prevent water from coming in through the blinds at a moderate level.  

3.     What are the disadvantages of PVC blinds?

PVC blinds are a popular choice for many when it comes to weatherproof outdoor roller blinds. However, with all the positives it has, it does have a few drawbacks, but not as many as its advantages. Yet, you cannot ignore these cons, as they can influence your decision. This includes

·        They are lightweight, which makes them look good, but they get cluttered, which is not appealing.

·        The airflow is limited, hence, you have to give it another thought before getting a PVC blind for outdoor.

·        As they are also known for café blinds, they limit the visibility, so, with them, you cannot peak outside for the view.

4.     What are outdoor transparent curtains?

As you can get a hint from the name, these outdoor roller blinds are transparent and allow you to see through them. In terms of construction, they are made with more or less the same weather-resistant and high-quality material.

5.     Is it easy to install the outdoor roller blinds?

Installing the outdoor roller blind is an easy task that can be done single-handedly. All you have to do is get the brackets, your outdoor roller blinds, screws, and drill. Mount the brackets and screws with the help of a drill.

Summing it up | Weatherproof outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor roller blinds are not just about privacy; the best weatherproof outdoor roller blinds offer protection against harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, or even the UV rays of the sun. However, the key is to invest in durable materials like PVC blinds, yet there is no compulsion; you can go with the one that matches your aesthetics as well.
Here, I have listed a few options that might help you to get the perfect one. Hope you like them.

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