Trampoline Sleepover with Tent Covers for Trampoline; Top 4

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Tough weather conditions can make your trampoline brittle no matter how sturdy the material is, harsh sunlight can deteriorate it easily. Since a trampoline is something that is not often, it is better to take care of your existing one by covering it with a canopy to have a trampoline sleepover with tent covers for trampoline.

Here I am sharing some trampoline ideas to have your backyard camping through the best trampoline tents for ease, so you can save some time and get the perfect deal.

So, let鈥檚 get started. So, let鈥檚 get started.

A child jumping on a tramp with trees in the background
What we picked for our top Picks
  1. JumpTastic Trampoline tent 14 ft.

2.Acon 15 ft. Trampoline Tent

3.Trampoline tent from 14 ft by Zoomster

4. WAQAQM Outdoor Canopy Tent

Types of trampoline cover

The trampoline tent covers are available in different types ranging in their respective features and significance according to the size and style of a trampoline. Mainly, they are categorized as camping-style and roof tents. However, the only similarity that you can find in all types is their ability to weather resistance. The common types of trampolines are


Polypropylene, and

Reinforced PVC

Other than that,

Some materials are breathable, and designed with a water drainage system in case of rain. Along with that, a few materials are porous and are equipped with anti-UV rays to prevent your trampoline and its cover from discoloration. Else, it also takes care of debris, snow, leaves, and other tough weather conditions too.

What are the best tent covers for trampoline?

Trampoline tents are more like a cover or you can say a roof that can change into a jumping bed.

It can be utilized for a trampoline campout and consider also a part of your sleepover ideas, simply add sleeping bags and there you go. But, how to know if the tent is right for you? Hence, for your ease, here are some products that I have listed for you.

1. JumpTastic Trampoline tent 14 ft.



路 Height: 4.6 ft.

路 Frame size: 15 ft.

路 Shape: round

路 Number of springs: 72

If you are looking for a tent with proper ventilation then count on this one as it is made to provide proper airflow. This is suitable for a 14 ft. trampoline, coated properly with sunscreen to prevent UV rays with premium oxford.

This is an affordable option for trampoline tents that can accommodate kids with ease. The design works with only trampolines with straight poles only and comes with a zipper door for safety.

There is a skylight on the top for ventilation and three windows on the sides as well as for the sunlight.


路 You can get sunlight in your tent

路 It allows proper airflow for ventilation

路 The tent fabric is sunscreen coated


路 It can only fit on trampolines with poles

2. Acon 15 ft. Trampoline Tent



路 Height: 4.6 ft.

路 Frame size: 15 ft.

路 Shape: round

路 Number of springs: 96

Acon trampoline tent is built to be solid, sturdy, and durable, suitable for a 15 ft., round shape tent. It comes with poles and brackets that are also covered with mesh.

This falls under those trampoline tents that are huge enough to accommodate 7 kids and 3 to 4 maximum big kids at once. This allows jumping for small kids. However, for big kids, if they want to jump, it is recommended to remove the tent.

It can easily be attached to and detached from trampolines. Speaking of its design, it is completely secure with a zipped door with windows for proper ventilation.

Remember that, whenever, you are installing this trampoline tent, remove the enclosure net first.


路 The design is sturdy

路 Quick assemble and disassemble

路 Accommodates 6 to 7 kids at a time


路 It is not water-resistant

3. 聽Trampoline tent from 14 ft by Zoomster



路 Dimensions: 180 x 180 x 72 inches

路 Frame size: 14 ft.

路 Shape: round

路 Number of springs: 96

This trampoline tent is suitable for the trampolines with a 15 ft. diameter for 6 poles but for straight poles only. It is not for curved poles for the trampoline.

It is designed with a front door zipped for easy entrance and exit. This way it secures your tent house from insects and other wild animals. For airflow, it has three windows for air circulation all in different directions.

The tent not only prevents the trampoline from weather conditions but also prevents your kids from bug bites, heat, moisture, and sunlight by completely enclosing your trampoline.

Finally, the material is durable Oxford fabric for weather resistance that can make a small fun club for your kids.


路 Oxford fabric to offer durability

路 Three windows designed for ventilation

路 Adjustable cover


路 Fits on straight poles only

4. WAQAQM Outdoor Canopy Tent

 WAQAQM Outdoor Canopy Tent


路 Frame size: 16 ft.

路 Shape: round

路 Number of springs: 96

路 Fabric: Oxford Fabric

This trampoline tent is in canopy style that means it comes without surroundings and poles. It can fit on all shapes ranging from 6/8/10/12/14/16 feet awning so you can get it according to your trampoline size.

The canopy design provides protection from the top but cannot cover the frame from the sides. However, it will keep your kids safe from the sunlight. Although it is just a cap-like structure it is made with oxford fabric which is weather resistant.


路 Canopy design covers all shapes and sizes with ease

路 Oxford material to prevent from harsh weather conditions

路 Shields your kids from sunlight


路 Cannot provide protection from the sides

So, now, can I have a trampoline sleepover?

After adding a trampoline tent, the trampoline frame becomes protected which means you can have fun even when the sun is at its peak. In fact, you can plan your trampoline tent sleepover which is fun as your bungee trampoline will work as a lull.

In that way, you can plan an aesthetic trampoline sleepover with your friends and family regardless of your age by arranging a private party. Thus, you can take a break from your regular room on a starry night, near nature, safe in a trampoline net.

Also, you can give it a makeover by making your trampoline fort, you can add balloons for kids and or for adults, add some string lights or trampoline lights on the poles and backyards,

Here you can have some sleepover ideas for your backyard camping

Add thick padded comforters on the jumping mat with some cushions and pillows to make it more comfortable.

If you have a larger trampoline, you can add also consider putting sleeping bags or patchwork quilts making it a decadent luxury.

Remember, make sure to put your trampoline in a safe location in a clear space without any obstacles.

Quick Guide for best trampoline tents

Whether you are planning a trampoline sleepover or just getting trampoline tents, here are some tips to buy the trampoline sleepover tents

The Best 4 Tent covers for a Trampoline

1. 聽 聽Material

The key parameter to judge your trampoline tent is its material. They are available in polyester and water-resistant fabrics mainly which makes them durable as well as cover your kids.

Make sure to get a tent that is weather-resistant, UV-rays protective, and comes with an enclosure net.

2. 聽 聽Size of your trampoline

A trampoline common is 12 ft., 14 ft., and 16 ft. in size. Hence, the key is to know the diameter of your trampoline first then make a purchase for your trampoline tent. It must fit properly neither too big nor too small, just the right size to cover the trampoline frame too.

Be sure you have the measurements of the trampoline poles too.

3. 聽 聽Ventilation and airflow

Your trampoline tent must have enough windows to ensure proper ventilation for fresh air and sunlight otherwise, it will cause suffocation.

4. 聽 聽Doors

For a trampoline sleepover, having doors in your tent is something you should consider. This design also makes your tent home safe from wild exterminators like bugs or mosquitoes. They are available in zipped doors and buckles, it is up to you what design you want to get.

5. 聽 聽Easy to setup and install

Nobody likes hassle and complicated installation. Try to get the trampoline tent that offers a quick setup so even your kids can easily assemble or disassemble them like just simply dropping them on your trampoline.

6. 聽 聽Trampoline Protection, from discoloration and UV-rays

As trampolines are usually placed outdoors so they are exposed to weather, dust, and sun which is more likely to deteriorate your trampoline.

Try to get that trampoline tent that is not only weather resistant but can also protect it from UV rays. This way, your trampoline will not decolorize and keeps your trampoline tents durable.

How to make a trampoline sleepover fun?

Since the trampoline itself is a fun activity, that means you are not getting bored. Some trampoline sleepover ideas for entertainment could be

Playing board and card games depending on the number of people you are having at your sleepover.

Make a giant trampoline fort with your blankets within the trampoline

Can have a backflip challenge, or

You can plan a story time or share your funny or weird experiences

Make it a trampoline playhouse

You can create a backyard camping, eat, read, sit, or play a bunch of games within the walls of your trampoline house

There is no limit to that, you can also make your own diy trampoline tent ideas for your trampoline fort where you can play with your favorite jumpers.

Frequently Asked Questions | Trampoline Tents

1. How to determine the right size for a trampoline cover?

Before you get your tent for trampoline, the first thing is to determine the right size and diameter for your trampoline. Usually, tent covers are available in sizes 70 and 170 inches which is 180 to 430 cm.

How to measure a trampoline? A Guide for Getting the Right Trampoline Size
To know the right size, make sure to measure the outer metal frame to get the right diameter. This is how to measure a trampoline properly.

2. Do I need a trampoline tent cover?

Yes. A trampoline cover is essential to maintain the durability of a trampoline as it keeps it safe from tough weather conditions and UV rays coming from the sun. They can also harm the mat and the stitching.

Trampoline tents also protect them from dust and birds dropping. Most importantly, no matter what tent cover you buy, the majority of them are water and weather resistant.

3. 聽 聽How much trampoline tent cost?

The price range of a trampoline varies depending on its brand, capabilities, and size. The average you can get ranges from $60 to $70. However, some other options are $150+ but remember that, with a high price, the product will be top-notch.

Conclusively, Tent covers for trampoline

Trampoline is the ultimate enjoyable for everyone and what could be more fun than turning it into a trampoline bed? This can be done simply with a trampoline tent which you can decorate with fairy or trampoline lights.

Other than the fun element, these trampoline covers prevent and shelter it from direct sunlight and other weather condition. Since there are a variety of options for that, hence I have sorted out the best trampoline tent sleepover.

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