3 Best Trampoline Shoes for a Fun-Filled Experience

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Best Trampoline Shoes

Trampoline is a fun activity for everyone, even if you are a gym freak. Although the trampoline mat is made with solid materials, inappropriate footwear will take no time to tear out. You cannot wear just any shoes, instead, you need to wear shoes for trampoline jumping that would not cause any damage to it as well as to your body. Hence, in this article, you will find reviews related to the best trampoline shoes for unstoppable fun.

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Trampoline shoes

This blog has the review for the following trampoline

Our Top picks for Best Trampoline Shoes

1.     Puma Unisex-adult rebound sneakers

2.     Capezio E Series EJ2C Jazz

3.    Adidas Performance Mundial Team

But, before we dig into the trampoline shoes, here are some key factors

Important Factors for getting the best trampoline shoes

When it comes to choosing shoes for trampoline, there are a few things to keep in mind. You'll want shoes that provide good grip, support, and comfort, without being too heavy or bulky and causing any fatigue. However, some key factors that you should consider include

1.    Comfort

The shoes should be comfortable to wear, with adequate cushioning and support to protect your feet and joints.

2.    Flexibility and true sizing

Make sure the shoes fit well and do not slip off or slide around on your feet. The shoes should be flexible enough to allow for natural movement and jumping.

3.    Durability

Look for shoes made from high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand frequent use.

4.    Style

While not as important as safety and functionality, you may want to consider the style and design of the shoes to match your personal preferences.

5.    Brand

Consider the reputation of the brand and read reviews from other customers to ensure that you are purchasing a quality product. It is better to invest in a good brand than to buy frequently.

6.    Purpose

Consider the intended purpose of the trampoline shoes. If you are using them for competitive trampoline, you may need shoes with specific features and requirements. In case you want them for the gym, prefer gym shoes for mini trampolines.

No matter what type of shoe you choose, make sure it fits well and provides adequate support for your feet and ankles. It's also important to make sure your shoes are clean and free of any debris before you jump on the trampoline, to avoid damaging the trampoline mat.

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What shoes are best for a trampoline?

With all the available options, here I am mentioning the most popular option are

1.   PUMA Unisex-Adult Rebound Layup Sneaker

Puma Rebound Layup
Puma Rebound Layup

The Puma unisex adult Rebound Layup Sneakers are versatile trampoline shoes that can be used for a variety of activities, including a gym trampoline workout and are available in various sizes. Here are some of the features of this shoe.


The Rebound Layup Sneaker features a classic basketball-inspired design, with a high-top silhouette and a lace-up closure. The shoe is available in a range of colors and designs to suit different tastes.


The upper of these trampoline shoes are made from synthetic leather, which is durable and easy to clean. The shoe also has a padded collar and tongue for added comfort.


This shoe has a rubber sole, made from long-lasting and durable rubber, which provides good grip and traction on a variety of surfaces, including trampoline mats. The sole also has a pivot point under the ball of the foot, which allows for quick turns and transitions.


The Rebound Layup Sneaker is designed for comfort, with a cushioned footbed and a breathable mesh lining that helps to keep the feet cool and dry. The shoe also has a supportive midsole that helps to reduce impact and improve stability.

Overall, the Puma Rebound Layup Sneaker is a good choice for trampoline, as it provides good grip, support, and comfort for the feet.

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2.   Capezio E Series EJ2C Jazz

Capezio E Series
Capezio E Series

The Capezio E Series EJ2C Jazz shoe is a popular choice among dancers, including those who perform on trampolines. Here are some of the features of this shoe:


The EJ2C Jazz shoe features a low-cut design with a lace-up front and a split sole. The shoe is available in black or caramel, with a variety of widths to ensure a proper fit.


The upper of the shoe is made from soft leather, which provides flexibility and durability. The shoe also has a cotton lining that helps to absorb moisture and keep the foot comfortable.


The split sole of the EJ2C Jazz shoe is made from EVA, a lightweight and flexible material that allows for a maximum range of motion. The sole also has a patch of rubber on the forefoot and heel for added grip and traction.


The EJ2C Jazz shoe is designed for comfort, with a padded heel and arch support that helps to reduce fatigue during extended periods of use.

Overall, the Capezio E Series EJ2C Jazz shoe is a great choice for trampoline, as it provides flexibility, grip, and comfort for the feet.

3.   Adidas Performance Mundial Team

Adidas Performance Mundial team
Adidas Performance Mundial team

The adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat is primarily designed for soccer players, but it can also be a good option for trampoline due to its sturdy construction and comfortable design. Here are some of the features of this shoe:


The Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat, trampoline shoes feature a classic soccer cleat design, with a low-cut profile and a lace-up closure. The shoe is available in black or white.


The upper of the shoe is made from high-quality leather, which is both durable and soft, providing a comfortable fit. The shoe also has a synthetic lining that helps to wick away moisture. They are the perfect option for a low impact exercise.


The rubber sole is used in manufacturing which provides good grip and traction on a variety of surfaces, including trampoline mats. The sole also has a multi-studded design that helps to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on the feet.


The Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat crossfit shoes are designed for comfort, with a cushioned insole that provides additional support and reduces the impact on the feet. The shoe also has a lightweight design, making it easy to move around the trampoline.

Overall, the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat is a good option for trampoline, as it provides good grip, support, and comfort for the feet. However, it is important to note that soccer cleats may not be allowed at some trampoline parks due to safety concerns.

Can you use shoes on a Trampoline and on the double mini trampoline?

The straight answer to this query is no, you cannot wear shoes on a trampoline. In some cases, you can such as double mini trampoline for workouts, but this is not recommended. This is because every shoe pair has a different outsole which has a higher chance to damage your trampoline and your shoes too.

The friction of your shoes can easily tear your jumping mat, starting with the scratches first. Other than that, this causes more stress on your legs, resulting in fatigue and tiredness.

What type of shoes can I wear for the trampoline?

Here are some shoes that you can wear for the trampoline workouts as well as for jumping on the trampoline.

1.    Athletic sneakers with a good grip

The shoes should have a good grip on the trampoline surface to prevent a fall, slipping and ensure safety. Look for sneakers that have good traction on the sole. The traction is responsible for the grip on the shoes and your foot so you don't slip on the trampoline. Cross-training shoes or running shoes with rubber soles can be a good option.

2.    Dance sneakers

Dance sneakers are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and supportive, making them a good choice for the trampoline. They typically have a split sole that allows for greater flexibility and movement.

3.    Trampoline-specific shoes

Some companies make shoes specifically designed for trampolines, with features like extra grip and ankle support. Examples include Vuly Trampoline Shoes and Zero Gravity Trampoline Socks or wear socks that are available.

4.    Barefoot

There is no match of barefoot jumping. Some trampolinists prefer to jump and bounce barefoot, as it allows for better grip and control on the trampoline mat. However, jumping barefoot option may not be suitable for everyone, as it can be uncomfortable or unsanitary.

Conclusively, Trampoline shoes

In conclusion, trampoline shoes are an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys trampoline, whether as a hobby or a sport.

The best trampoline shoes provide excellent grip, support, and cushioning, allowing you to perform high jumps, flips, and other tricks with confidence and ease for trampoline exercise.

When selecting the best trampoline shoes for you, it is important to consider factors such as fit, material, durability, and price. By doing so, you can find a pair of trampoline shoes that will help you improve your trampoline jumping skills, stay safe, and enjoy this exciting activity to the fullest.

Other than that, you can also invest in the best trampoline socks

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