Dog Noise Cancelling Headphones to Keep them Calm

Dog Noise Cancelling Headphones to Keep them Calm!

Although dogs are one of the brave pets, however, sometimes loud sounds make them terrified. Dog noise cancelling headphones have made it easy to calm them down.

The bearable frequency of a dog’s inner ear ranges from 40 to 60,000 Hz. Any sound with is above 85 dB damages the cilia cells and cannot be treated.

Dogs of some breeds have intensive hearing ability that makes them react uncomfortably to every loud noise, such as sounds of thunder, bikes, helicopters, and even vacuum cleaners. Hence, covering their ears with noise cancelling headphones for dogs will help them to stay calm and silent.

In this guide, I am reviewing a few of the best noise cancelling headphones for dogs, including,

· K9 Hearing Protection for dogs

· Mutt Muffs DDR337

· SEIS Christmas Dog

· Geezo Dog Noise Protection Ear Muff for Dog

· Holymid Dog Safety Ear Muffs

· derYEP DXIog Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

· Famikako Dog Ear Muffs

· Geezo Dog Ear Muff

Is it safe to put Headphones on my dog?

Here, the ability of dogs is very delicate and can easily hurt their ears. To protect them, you can use dog noise cancelling ear muffs, and yes, it is safe for your dogs. However, you have to keep in mind that human headphones are not appropriate to use on your pup as they can damage their hearing completely.

However, whenever getting headphones for dogs, consider the following buying guide.

Since our pets cannot speak, we have to take more care of them. So, ensure that the earmuffs for dogs have

1. It is the right fit for your dog

With different sizes and breeds, not all noise-canceling headphones are the perfect fit for your pup. Ensure that you are getting the right ones; it is preferred to consider the ones that have adjustable elastics that offer the perfect grip and fit with comfort.

2. They must not be heavy and comfortable

It is difficult to train your pup to wear headphones in the first place; if they are heavy, they will make them more uneasy instead. They must be lightweight and easy for them to carry.

Other than that, you need to ensure your dog’s comfort. In case they are finding difficulty in wearing headphones, you can get them earmuffs, which are comparatively more comfortable for dogs than over-the-head headphones.

3. Blocking the noise

The key reason for getting doggie headphones is the noise-canceling feature. Always consider the headphones with noise-canceling that uses foam to block and minimize the sound effectively.

4. They must be durable

Obviously, your fur friend cannot take much care of the headphones. Hence, you need to get the ones that are made with sturdy materials such as ABS shells.

These are the basic requirements that you need to focus on. What are the best dog noise cancelling headphones? Here is a list for you.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Dog

1. K9 Hearing Protection

K9 Hearing Protection

The first best noise cancelling headphones for dogs is K9 hearing protection, which effectively shields the hearing of your pups. These are designed innovatively to offer protection that helps minimize the passive sounds by adjusting them at a comfortable level.

Don’t get confused by the name K9; these doggy headphones can be used and are suitable for all breeds. They are designed as over-head headphones for dogs with broad foam-filled ear seals that reduce passive noises.

They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, available in different colors. However, the best part about these headphones that block noise is their adjustable strap that makes a true fit for the dogs. You can also pair them with matching goggles, especially if you are training them for security purposes or taking them with shooting.

Note: K9 dog noise cancelling headphones only minimize the sound and do not offer a cure for phobias like thunderstorms.

2. Mutt Muffs DDR337

Mutt Muffs DDR337

Mutt Muffs are the best noise cancelling headphones for dogs, designed as over-head headphones. They turn the noise level from loud to bearable level.

These dog ear muffs noise reducers will not completely block the noise; they will cover them as a shield to prevent potential hearing damage. These headsets are available in different sizes. Still, if they do not fit your dog’s head, the adjustable straps can modify the grip according to their head size.

To offer comfort, the outer part is constructed with lightweight plastic, ensuring easy wearing. The interior uses ester resin foam for a softer feel. These dog noise canceling headphones are more suitable for hunting dogs or if you live in noisy areas. These can also be used to protect them from any anxiety.

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3. SEIS Earmuff Christmas Dog Hat

SEIS Earmuff Christmas Dog Hat

If you are looking for noise cancelling ear muffs for dogs, consider the SEIS Earmuff hat for dogs. They are made from high-quality fabric with a stretchable and adjustable elastic band to fix it right.

If your dog is not getting used to the headphones, then this is the best alternative in budget that you can consider for them for entry-level. What I like about them is that they are thick, cover the ear, protect from noise as well as from the cold weather.

This is styled as a Christmas hat for dogs with earmuffs that feature fluffy, soft ear flops that minimize passive noise. They can comfort your pup to relieve their anxiety in stress and loud sounds.

4. Geezo Dog Noise Protection Ear Muff for Dog

Patelai Dog Noise Protection Ear Muff for Dog

The next pair in the list of headphones that block out noise is the Geezo Dog Noise Protection ear muff. These thunder earmuffs for dogs come with a side length of around 100mm per 3.9 inches. The height measures 110 mm per 4.3 inches with a width of 53 mm per 2 inches per ear mud.

These dog noise cancelling headphones are made to provide your dog ears protection with comfort. The construction involves gel, PVC cortical material, and cotton insulation. They further offer protection from getting overheated in a hot and dry environment when worn for an extended time.

You can make your dog wear them in different circumstances, such as loud machinery, lawnmowers, motors, industrial machines, etc.

The only drawback that I have found about these ear muffs is that they are available in one size only. However, the company has compensated for this by adding adjustable straps. The overhead and lower elastic bands are adjustable to fit your dog’s face properly.

5. Holymid Dog Safety Ear Muffs

Holy Dog Safety Ear Muffs

The design of these dog earmuffs is shaped to fit your pup’s head easily, ensuring comfort. This pair of earmuffs is suitable for dogs with a head circumference ranging from 17 to 25 inches.

These dog ear muffs are constructed using ABS shell, high-quality sound insulation sponge, and gel to keep your dog protected from loud noises. You can adjust the size with the help of the adjustable headband.

You can make them wear during fireworks, hunting, celebrations, thunderstorms, and other loud noises. They are suitable for medium to large-size dogs such as Labradors, golden retrievers, mountain dogs, and many more.

6. derYEP Dog Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

derYEP Dog Earmuffs for Hearing Protection

If your dog gets terrified by loud sounds, consider derYEP dog earmuffs. This company has given special importance to the construction of this headset to block out noise by understanding the difference between dog and human ears difference.

The design is patent, with a unique and lightweight construction. These dog headphones are designed to meet the hearing of every sensitive dog. With the simple design, they are constructed to offer comfort as they have the elastic sponge and softer material earpad. The ABS shells are durable; you can adjust the headband according to your dog’s face.

derYEP dog earmuffs prevent your dog from the sounds of thunder, helicopters, fireworks, cars/motorcycles, etc., in a nutshell, all kinds of loud noises with passive sound. They can evidently minimize the sound by up to 86% and almost 97% for high-frequency noises.

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7. Famikako Dog Ear Muffs

Famikako Dog Ear Muffs

The next noise cancelling ear muffs for dogs we trust are Famikako Dog Ear Muffs. With its versatility, these headsets are available in four sizes, starting from small to extra-large.

These earmuffs are given special time for construction with qualified engineers to conduct proper quality assurance before marketing them to ensure the noise-canceling feature.

The dog’s hearing frequency ranges from 15Hz to 50000Hz, which is quite broader and more sensitive to noise than humans; that is why these are made to be reliable to meet this sensitivity range. These soundproof cotton ear muffs with adjustable band gives a precise fit.

You can get them in three different colors, including blue, orange, and purple. Get the color that your pup wants the most. Furthermore, if you feel like these ear muffs do not fit your dog, you can contact their 24-hour available support and return them within 60 days.

8. Geezo Dog Ear Muff

Geezo Dog Ear Muff

The final ear muffs for your fur friend are by Geezo Dog. These noise-canceling headphones for dogs keep your dog calm when encountering loud noises.

The advanced technology is used for ultimate noise reduction without compromising your dog’s hearing ability. These ear muffs will cancel out the passive loud noises, so your dog can still hear the sounds but at a comfortable level.

Constructed with premium quality, they easily slip on the head. They are tailored for medium to large-sized dog breeds as it's over the head design with adjustable straps ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

How do I train my dog to wear headphones?

It could be a real task to make your dog wear headphones. You have to give them proper training for that. Here are a few tips that you can use to train your pup. To get your dog used to the headphones, you need to

· Take your dog to the places with loud noises. This will make your dog a little uneasy, so don’t worry about it.

· Make them wear noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. Initially, your dog will be puzzled; it will make your dog calm. You have to be a little patient at that moment.

· Repeat this until your dog gets used to it.

Some dogs pick so quickly that these protectors are giving them comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Dog Noise Cancelling Headphone

A few more frequently searched queries related to your little friend are

1. Do noise-cancelling headphones work on dogs?

Yes, noise-cancelling effectively works for dogs. You can cover your dogs' ears with hoodies, ear muffs, or headphones, whatever your dogs are comfortable with. They will protect their ears from high-pitched and loud noises like fireworks, thunder, planes, shooting, vacuum clear, or any other kind of sound that makes your dog uncomfortable. They will help to keep them calm when the decibels of noise are minimized.

We have shared a few of the best headphones for dogs from which you can get one more suitable.

2. What are the best headphones to cancel dog barking?

Any headphones that are noise cancelling and stop the dog from barking are the best. However, remember that human noise cancelling headphones are not for dogs because of their hearing differences. Other than that, they are more likely to damage your pup’s ear. So, it is recommended to use the specified headphones that we have listed that are specially designed for them.

3. How do I protect my dogs ears from loud music?

Many people are not aware of the fact that dogs can hear twice as much as humans. Loud sounds and noisy environments are a real threat and challenge for them. To prevent them from any noise, you can use foam headphones, ear muffs, etc. Other than that, you can put earplugs on their ears in the absence of dog noise cancelling headphones.

4. Will noise-cancelling headphones stop dogs from barking?

The dog’s barking noise sometimes becomes unbearable, especially when it turns excessive. Try to calm your pup by caressing it. If it does not work, the next best option is to place noise cancelling headphones on them to stop them from barking. This will put them at peace and can make them sleep, too.

5. What dog headphones protect them from fireworks and thunder?

To eliminate the sound of fireworks and thunder, you need to get your dog noise canceling headsets. You can also use earplugs and cotton to block the noise from the loud sound by reducing the decibels from dog ears.

Conclusion | Best Dog Noise Cancelling Headphones

Loud noises are not unbearable for humans but can also have an adverse impact on your pet's hearing abilities, especially for dogs. They can easily traumatize or damage their ears. If your dog gets terrified easily by loud noises, the best way to protect them is by getting them doggie headphones.

Here, I have formulated a guide for you with a list of dog noise cancelling headphones to get the most suitable ear muffs for your little friend. I hope you find it informative.

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