Best Electric Snow Blower Cordless for Effortless Snow Blowing

Best Electric Snow Blower Cordless
Best Electric Snow Blower Cordless for Effortless Snow Blowing

Shoveling the snow is time-consuming, plus it is a tiresome procedure. Hence, we need an easygoing and quick fix. Thus, an electric snow blower cordless is battery-operated snow blower that offers convenience to get rid of excess snow from your driveway and your sidewalks, as it does not require a power outlet or other hassle. has researched and compiled a list of the best electric snow blowers cordless to help you save time. For adults, we have a separate guide, the Best Snow Blower for the Elderly.

You will find reviews for the following electric snow blower cordless

·        Greenworks 80V Brushless Electric Snow Blower

·        Ego Power+ SNT 2102 Cordless

·        Greenworks 40V Brushless Snow blower

·        Worx 18 inches Snow blower

·        Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

·        Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow blower

So, let’s get started with a detailed review.

What is the best time to buy an electric snow blower?

Well, if you are limited on budget, yet do not want to compromise the quality, it is recommended to get your electric snow blower cordless in the off-season. This is because it is a seasonal product, while it is summer and the weather is warm, you can get a good deal on the latest models. Or, you can also mark your product into your wishlist and get it during Black Friday or other holiday season.

Now, let’s jump to the product reviews for the cordless electric snow blowers.

The Best electric snow blower cordless, Slaytechreview Researched are

1.     Greenworks 80V Brushless

1.     Greenworks 80V Brushless

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 31 x 21.6 x 37 inches

·        Weight: 33 lbs.

·        Power source: Battery Powered

·        Voltage: 80 V

·        Auger: 20-inches

·        Wheel size: 6 inches

·        Throwing distance: 25 ft.

This electric snow blower cordless is battery powered and offers ultimate efficiency and great performance. This snow blower works with an 80-volt lithium battery for maximum efficiency.

The motor is brushless, which means it works without creating noise, and a maintenance-free snow blower with advanced technology.

This electric snow blower clears snow effortlessly, whether it is on sidewalks, your driveways, or patios, with 20 inches Clearing the Width of the path with a 10th inch of deep snow.


·        This is the best electric snow blower cordless because it is lightweight

·        The battery charges quickly

·        Offers push button start

·        Can work on wet or light-mid snow consistently


·        Might not be suitable for large areas

·        Will not work on ice or frozen snow

2.     Ego Power+ SNT 2102

2.     Ego Power+ SNT 2102

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 35 x 22.6 x 45 inches

·        Weight: 50.7 lbs.

·        Power source: Battery Source

·        Voltage: 56 V

·        Auger: 24-inches

·        Wheel size: 6 inches

·        Throwing distance: 50 ft.

This electric snow blower relies on battery only and is known for its superior working capacity for a long time. Its robust battery lasts for a long time, and it has 56 volts of two 7.5 Ah batteries.

This two-stage snow blower has a wide intake of 24 inches and clears up to 8 inches of snow layer with just a single charge.

The ego electric self-propelled snow blower is easy to use, with handles that offer precise control and adjustment of movement and speed when it is forward or reverse. It also allows the auger speed and the chute direction even at night, as the LED lights will keep you on the go at night as well.


·        Easily handle heavy snow

·        Handlebar control helps to change the chute direction

·        It is sturdy and can last for a while


·        Expensive

3.     Greenworks 40V Brushless Snow blower

3.     Greenworks 40V Brushless Snow blower

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 31x 21.6 x 37 inches

·        Weight: 33 lbs.

·        Power source: Battery Powered

·        Voltage: 40 V

·        Auger: 24-inches

·        Clearing Width: 20 inches

·        Throwing distance: 20 ft.

For a limited money, this is the best budget electric snow blower with all the features that you need for a comparatively smaller area.

Although this one performs exceptionally, with the limited snow through, it will never disappoint, with the brushless motor technology that works with 40V only. You can expect an 8 inches deep Clearing Width of snow in not more than 30 minutes.

Like Ego’s electric snow blower, this one also has LED lights, so clearing the snow is easy, even in poor lighting conditions.

Furthermore, this snow blower is compact enough and features a folding option to ensure easy storage in limited spacing.


·        Lightweight design offers portability

·        Allows easy storage with a folding feature

·        LED lights for dark


·        Not good for wet snow

·        The throwing distance is limited compared to other listed products

4.     Worox Electric snow blower 18 inches

4.     Worox Electric snow blower 18 inches

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 36.2x 18 x 47 inches

·        Weight: 24 lbs.

·        Power source: Battery Powered

·        Voltage: 40 V

·        Clearing Width: 18 inches

·        Throwing distance: 20 ft.

As the best cordless electric snow blower, Worx will never fail with its compact design, sturdy build, and great performance.

This cordless snowblower works exceptionally on light and powdery snow; it is easy to use and simple to assemble.

It is a single-stage rotary auger that provides a grinding force similar to that of heavy-duty snow blowers. The brushless motor technology generates more power and consumes less battery.

With the help of two LED lights, you can now work in poor lighting conditions as well. It can be stored easily by disassembling it.

Many users have suggested storing the batteries and this cordless snowblower in a comparatively warmer temperature than the outside. The reported issue with this snow blower is that it may suddenly stop and then turn back again after 10 to 30 seconds.


·        Lightweight and compact

·        Offers easy operations

·        Impressive grinding force

·        Easy to store electric snow blower cordless


·        It will not work below 30 degrees temperature

·        Cannot hold heavy snowfalls

5.     Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

5.     Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Blower

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 44.5x 18.5 x 40.5 inches

·        Weight: 34 lbs.

·        Power source: Battery Powered

·        Voltage: 40 V

·        Clearing Width: 12 inches

·        Throwing distance: 30 ft.

Sweeping the snow with Earthwise electric snow blower cordless has become an easy task without aching your back or requiring much time.

The battery timing is not impressive as it takes 2 hours to charge and offers 30 minutes of backup. Hence, it would be best if you have a spare battery to keep the blowing process uninterrupted.

Earthwise power shovel is a good and reliable snow blower as it offers 180 degrees of the rotating chute. The LED lights help you to be in the right direction when cleaning during the night or in the dark.

If you are looking for a snow blower for a limited time period, then this could be a good choice, as a few customers have reported that this cordless snow blower does not last long.


·        Maneuverable

·        Good option to sweep snow up to 3 inches

·        Clears up the snow within 25 minutes


·        Chute director handle may be troublesome

·        Not suitable for long driveways

6.     Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow blower

6.     Snow Joe 24V Cordless Snow blower

Product Specification

·        Dimensions: 23.62x 19.7 x 20.8 inches

·        Weight: Not Available.

·        Power source: Battery Powered

·        Voltage: 28 V

·        Clearing Width: 18 inches

·        Throwing distance: 20 ft.

Snow joe is a company known for its quality products like snow blowers etc. Here, we have selected one model, which is an electric snow blower cordless, requiring a 28V. It comes unassembled, but it takes not more than 15 minutes to get it fixed.

This battery-powered snow blower has a 20 ft. throwing distance with an 18 inches clearing width that can work on light to medium wet snow. The auger is durable; its four blades are rubbered for smooth sweeping.

Overall, this electric cordless snow blower is a good option in terms of features, but some customers do not have the same thoughts and find this unit a little tough to work on due to the batteries.


·        Can work on wet snow

·        Durable steel auger with rubber tips

·        Has 2 Watts LED headlights 


·        Batteries might not get the advertised backup

·        The chute is difficult to turn

7 Best single stage vs two stage snow blowers in 2023
single stage vs two stage snow blower have different coverage ranges starting from 30 inches to 60 inches. It depends on your requirements

How to know which electric snow blower cordless is good?

When it comes to making a purchase for the electric snow blower cordless, you must have to go through a buying guide or at least be familiar with the features. Make sure to be aware of

1.     Power source of your snow blower

For the cordless snow blowers, you have the option to get gas or electric/battery-powered snow blowers. Which one to get depends on your personal preference. Both of them clear snow for a moderate level. Gas powered snow blowers are comparatively more powerful than electric ones. For light to medium, you can get an electric blower, while for heavy snow, it is recommended to go for the gas-powered snow blower. 

2.     Clearing width

For a small to medium driveway, an electric cordless snow blower is a good option, as the maximum clearing it offers is between 18 inches and 30 inches. Hence, if the area is large, you need to reconsider whether an electric snow blower would be worth it or not.

3.     Throwing distance

It is actually the amount of distance your snow blower can throw the snow while clearing up the passage. The throwing distance of every snow blower varies depending on its size and capacity. Usually, it is within 20 ft to 50 ft.

However, for a powerful electric snowblower cordless, the recommended throwing distance is 20 to 35ft.

4.     Weight and size

The size of a snow blower determines how much area it can clean. The broader cordless snow blowers are good and can do the job quickly, but they could be difficult to move. When it comes to using a cordless snow blower, it is not as tiring as the shoveling process; hence, due to its lightweight and portability, you can use it for a long time, but it still needs a push. They are unsuitable for long and large spaces if used for a long time.

Other features of a cordless electric snow blower

Some other features of cordless electric snow blowers are

Discharge shoot control


Wheels and or track

Motor drive

And many more; however, the other additional functions depend on the user's preferences.

Are electric snow blowers worth it?

Whenever you are buying a snow blower, keep the primary factors in your mind. This includes the condition of snow in your area (whether it is heavy, etc.), how much snow you get, and the area you want to clear. All these factors help to narrow down a product according to your needs.

If the area is just the sidewalks and the driveway, then an electric cordless snow blower is good; similarly, if you have a comparatively large area, go for a two-stage electric snow blower or gas-powered snow blower.

Note: for a better working experience, it is recommended to get an additional pair of batteries as a backup for an uninterrupted working process.

Can an electric snow blower handle heavy snow?

Electric snow blowers are typically designed for light to medium snow and are not as powerful as gas-powered snow blowers. However, the two-stage electric snow blowers offer robust performance by clearing up around 12 inches of snow.

Conclusion | Best Electric Snow Blower Cordless

In conclusion, the electric snow blower cordless represents a modern and convenient solution to winter snow clearing tasks. Its cordless design offers freedom of movement without the constraints of cords or cables, making it ideal for larger areas or hard-to-reach spaces.

With the cordless battery technology, these snow blowers provide ample power and runtime to tackle various snow conditions effectively.

Additionally, their eco-friendly nature and quiet operation make them a preferred choice for environmentally-conscious users.

Whether clearing sidewalks, driveways, or pathways, the electric snow blower cordless stands as a reliable and efficient winter maintenance tool, offering users convenience, performance, and peace of mind year after year.

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