What is the Best At Home Spray Tan Machine? 3+ Suggestions

What is the Best At Home Spray Tan Machine? 3+ Suggestions
Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

What is the Best At Home Spray Tan Machine? 3+ Suggestions  

The best at home spray tan machine gives you the desired bronzed glow with professional grade without any hassle or harmful UV rays. This way, you can create at home spray tan booth, which is also a cost-effective approach and saves you time. If you are confused about what is the best at home spray tan machine, then here, in this article, I am reviewing the products, including

1. MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit

  1. Norvell Sunless Kit HVLP Mobile Spray Tan Air Brush
  2. Ultra pro T85- QC Sunless Turbine
  3. Fuji Spray Sunless 2100

5. Naked Sun Fascination FX Sunless Spray Tan Machine

So, let’s get started.

What is the best at home spray tan machine? Top 5 suggestions

It could be tricky to find one of the best at home spray tan kit when you pick one from the pool. Here are a few products that I have researched for you. The list includes

1.     MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning Kit

The best at home spray tan machine is the one that offers multiple features with professional-grade quality and salon-like results—it weighs only 18 lbs.

Maximist Lite is suitable for all skin types and especially beginners, with its ability to adjust according to your skill level. This spray tan gun allows you to have it at all at your home with more than 10 spray applications a day.

With these portable spray tanning booths, you will get a Satin Aire spray head, 3 cups of 5 oz. and 2 lids, an air hose, and an additional pop-up tent. The German-engineered spray tan nozzle allows you to adjust it and spray vertically or horizontally.

This spray tan machine is available in brown and black tents made out of heavy fabric, so, you don’t have to worry about privacy.  

Positive sides of MaxiMist Lite

·        Lightweight

·        It is safe, certified by CE, EU, ECAL

·        Can be used for home and commercial use

·        Sturdy build

·        You will get extra cups with lids

·        Suitable for horizontal or vertical spraying

·        Allows 10 applications a day

Negative sides of MaxiMist Lite

·        Tent is difficult to fold back

·        It might leak

2.     Norvell Sunless Kit HVLP Mobile Spray Tan Air Brush

Norvell Sunless Kit HVLP Mobile Spray Tan Air Brush

Speaking for the best home spray tan machine, the Norvell Sunless Kit will never disappoint. This kit could be for personal spray tanners at home use, portable, and can be used as a professional kit, too.

It allows even application with the right amount of pressure, which makes it suitable for professional spray tan artists and newbies.

This airbrush tanning machine comes with three bottles of tanning solution that are a combination of 2 former shades. The spray tan solution is fragrance-free and contains antioxidants and vitamins blended to boost your skin.

The tan through this machine lasts for a week.

Positive Sides of Norvell Sunless Kit

·        Has skin-friendly tanning spray solutions

·        The cord and the hose are included in the package

·        Free from harmful chemicals

·        Allows to adjust the spraying pattern without wasting the product

Negative Sides of Norvell Sunless Kit

·        The spray gun will clog if not cleaned properly

3.     Ultra pro T85- QC Sunless Turbine

 Ultra pro T85- QC Sunless Turbine

In the list of the best spray tan machines, this made its way to this list with its versatility and flexibility. This machine is easy to use, portable, lightweight, and gives the desired results similar to the sun tan with a natural glow.

It works by using a turbine air pump unit to which you need to connect the hose, whose length is around 10 feet; quite impressive as you can reach the tough spots easily. You will get 4 tanning solutions with 8%, 10%, and 12% DHA solutions, from which you can select the desired one.

Furthermore, with this sunless tanning spray tan machine, you will get the additional accessories with this kit like feet caps, nose filters, etc.

Positive sides of Ultra Pro

·        The hose is flexible

·        Lightweight, which makes it portable

·        Durable spray tan kit

·        Comes with two years of warranty

Negative sides of Ultra Pro

·        The application is heavy

4.     Fuji Spray Sunless 2100

Fuji Spray Sunless 2100

This airbrush tanning machine could be a good option for the best spray tan equipment with its portability, compact size, and weight. 

The airbrush is powerful and offers professional tanning salon quality results by using a turbine motor, which makes this tanning kit noisy.

Fuji Spray Mini tan is on the list of the best at home spray tan machine due to its sturdy build and premium-grade stainless steel construction. Other than that, I liked the easy cleaning that it offers.

It is suggested to maintain a distance of at least 8 inches from the spray gun to your skin.

Positive sides of Fuji Spray Mini Tan

·        This spray tanning kit is compact and lightweight

·        It is UL/CSA- approved

·        Works quietly

·        Fauji spray is the best spray tanning machine, clog-resistant

·        Controls the flow of tanning solution

Negative sides of Fuji Spray Mini Tan

·        Expensive than other listed products

·        It may overspray

5.     Naked Sun Fascination FX Sunless Spray Tan Machine

Naked Sun Fascination FX Sunless Spray Tan Machine

The next product that I am list in the list of best spray tan machine at home is by the Fascination that offers a new standard of versatility.

The turbine motor works consistently for flawless body tanning. It sets up quickly and comes with 2 oz. container. Its nozzle allows it to spray vertically and horizontally with the flexible hose.

This product is upscale as it provides results that are more like a tanning salon. What I liked about this machine is it is an easy-to-carry feature with its handle.  

Positive sides of Naked Sunless spray

·        Ideal option for personal use

·        Gives natural tan

·        Offers streak-free, flawless body tan

·        Professional results

·        Great customer support 24/7

Negative sides of Naked Sunless spray

·        It is not a travel-friendly spray tan kit

Which Spray Tan Machine to get? Low Volume Low Pressure; Types of At Home Spray Tan Machine

It is all up to you which kind of spray tan machine you like. You can find them in four variants featuring different volumes, levels, intensity, system, technology, etc. This adds to

1.     High Volume Low Pressure, HVLP Spray Tan Kit

As you can hint from the name, this high volume low pressure atomizes the tanning solution into a fine mist. Suitable for all kinds of skin, this kit features low pressure option that helps to prevent over-spraying, resulting in an even application of the solution. Usually, this is used at professional tanning salons as it offers consistent tanning application.

This kind of system typically comes with a separate air compressor and a spray gun that makes it a powerful tanning kit. However, it could be a costly unit and may require professional help.

2.     Low Volume Low Pressure, LVLP Spray Tan Kit

LVLP spray tanning kit uses a spray gun while operating at low pressure and air, allowing better precision. It takes time compared to HVLP for solution applications but offers a user-friendly experience with different levels to match your skills.

Furthermore, it is budget-friendly and requires no or less maintenance compared to requirements. In a nutshell, it is suitable for small-scale or personal tanning applications.

3.     Automatic Spray Tan Booth

The automatic spray tan booth is enclosed, which works similarly to the tanning machines in salons where you stand in front of the nozzles. It is professional grade and suggested for tanning the whole body; it sprays like mist.

This one is time-saving and takes a minute or two; the possible drawback of an automatic spray tan booth could be the uneven application of the solution.

4.     AirBrush Spray Gun Machine

This is one of the most-seen spray tan machines you can see at tanning salons as well as at beauty salons. An airbrush spray gun machine is efficient and uses high pressure and coverage. However, the only nuisance is that every application takes 30 minutes or more longer, depending on your practice. With this kind, there are also chances of over spraying of solution, which can save your time and product. Hence, you need to be vigilant while using this one.

How do I choose a spray tan machine? A Quick Buying Guide

To determine which is the best spray tan machine, here is a quick guide

1.     Pressure level: Kinds of Spray Tan Machine

As I have mentioned the types of spray tan machines above, you need to select the tanning kit according to your skill level. For instance, for beginners, LVLP is suggested; it could be a little louder but worth starting with. Hence, the LVLP spray tan machine is ideal to begin with.

Usually, HVLP is convenient for those looking for a professional-grade finish and are used to the kit using it at home. It is much quieter, convenient, lightweight, and saves the solution from wasting it. 

2.     The spray gun with adaptability

The spray gun is an essential part of every tanning kit as it controls and delivers the right amount of solutions. Hence, you need a spray gun that is adaptable and caters to the needs of all levels of users. The spray gun must offer

Customizable Spraying Nozzle: A customizable nozzle allows you to control the pressure and how thick you need the application of the product. This will help to use it with great precision without complicating it.

Speed Settings: This feature is essential, especially for beginners. This is because some spray tan machines, such as airbrushes, are more likely to waste the product. Thus, having this feature in your spray tan kit offers control over the product delivery.

Warm option: This feature refers to how dark you want to go, as cold tanning might be intolerable for different skin types, especially during winter. So, don’t forget to look out for this feature.

3.     Capacity

Usually, the preferred amount that a cup of a spray tan at home kit has is around 2 oz. Any tanning kit with a larger capacity will be more likely to waste it, while below this would put you in hassle. This amount of 2 oz. is enough to cover your body entirely. So, ensure this before making a final purchase.

4.     Materials

Since this is something that is not bought often, consider spending on a durable product. I suggest looking for a sturdy material, which might cost you a little more but is worth the money than investing in a cheaper product. In that case, you may waste your time, money, and your tanning solution. So, be careful.

5.     Offers easy cleaning

The spray tan machine is a real mess if you don’t handle it properly. however, you must look for a tanning kit that offers convenience and minimal cleaning requirements. For that, you need to consider the feature that prevents over spraying. Thus, you can consider the spray tan kit with a tent booth, which will help with easy cleaning.

Tips and tricks to get better results from spray tan machine at home

Before you start with your spray tan machine at home, you need to ensure that

·        When planning to use a spray tan at home kit, always select a room with proper ventilation. Although it is safe for the skin, you have to take care of it and not inhale it, especially if you have respiratory issues. If you have allergies, continue reading about the best air purifiers for dorm room.

·        You have prepared your skin. This means to get your body waxed a day before applying the treatment. This will prevent the product from clogging your pores.

·        After waxing or shaving, whatever suits you, exfoliate your skin to get smooth and texture-free results.

·        Start with a patch test. If it looks fine, then continue; otherwise, stop the application immediately in case of any reaction.

·        Tie your hair in a bun so they should not get the spray. The best way is to wear a shower cap and apply Vaseline or any moisturizer on the brows.

·         Avoid using any kind of deodorant as there is a chance of a chemical reaction that can cause an adverse impact on your skin.

·        Make sure you do not touch your body when you are done with tanning, or it will not sit properly.

·        Maintain a distance of at least 2 to 6 inches from the skin as per the requirement of the machine.

·        Wear baggy clothes to avoid friction with the body otherwise, the tan will be uneven. Let it dry for a minimum of 8 hours.

·        Avoid taking showers for at least 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions | Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

1.     For how long would spray tan last?

The time duration depends on the number of coats you apply to your body. Usually, a single coating lasts for around 10 days, while 2 or more coats will last more than that based on the dark shade. Secondly, it also depends on the spray tan kit you use.

2.     Is spray tanning at home safe?

Spray tanning is safe to use at home. However, if you are doing it for the first time, it is necessary to follow the directions and the working of your machine. Secondly, get a spray tan machine with different skill levels, so as a beginner, it would be helpful.

As far as the solution is concerned, it consists of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which the FDA approves for external application.

3.     How many spray tan coats should I apply?

It depends on how dark you want to go. Usually, a single coat is fine, as with time, it will grow darker. Secondly, it also depends on what time you apply it.

Other than that, weather could impact your results, too. For instance, during winter, the cold temperature makes the skin dry. If you apply directly on dry and flaky skin, the chances are the results on this skin will be patchy. Thus, you have to prep your skin by exfoliating and waxing/shaving it a day before you apply the tanning spray.

Conclusion | Best At Home Spray Tan Machine

Instead of getting a sun-kissed tan and getting severe sunburns, you can choose convenience by using the best at home spray tan machine. Consider using a low volume low pressure: LVLP as it is easy to use and is suitable for beginners or any spray tan machine that offers different skill levels.

Hope you find your personal spray tanners through this blog, as I have shared the best spray tan at home kit for you.

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